Sunday, 31 July 2011

Practical steps to spirituality - Part 1

A series of essays will be on these pages  as practical  steps to spirituality.

Spirituality is attaining the Godhood  in you -. .achieving a state of thoughtlessness.Spirituality is not something you go looking for outside of yourself-in the caves, in the mountains or sitting in meditation in a solitary place or lead a life of resignation.

The word religion means getting back to source but it gives a different connotation to a layman who thinks being religious is going to temples, going on pilgrimages or doing rituals etc.To know yourself is what religion and spirituality are about. .Attaining Godhood-is realising that you are not merely  your mind body  intellect ,you are something beyond these.There is a spiritual essence in you. There is a oneness between you and the person sitting next to you , between you and the one in the remotest part of the globe.Divinity is the common factor between all living beings.

It is the rare priveledge of a human being to know who he really is. He is blessed with a faculty of reasoning ,.given an intellect which can help him  to reach the state of godhood.Vedanta helps him to know his real self.Human beings are blessed with a mind and an intellect. The mind is full of emotions. He has a gross and a subtle intellect . The gross intellect helps him to deal with his everyday life in an intelligent manner. He has to use his subtle intellect to know who he is..The only mission in his life is to know himself.Generally a man's mind is full of emotions, of passions, desires and hence agitated.Only when his intellect takes charge of his life ,his mind becomes peaceful and is ready for pursuing higher values.His mind arrives at a point when there are no thoughts in his mind and he realises his real nature.

To be continued ...


  1. Just saying, the word religion does not mean getting back to the source. Not in the slightest. :S
    Religion is defined as a network of belief structures and cultural systems that establish a broad base which are supposed to relate and connect humanity with so called "spiritual" values. This sometimes extends into morality, which is where it gets iffy.
    The word can be traced back to its original latin, religio, which meant respect for the gods, but beyond that is mere speculation. While re ligare, i.e to reconnect, is a possible ancestor, it definitely did not have the connotations you associate with it.
    Also, how exactly does "peaceful" work? When one has no emotions whatsoever? I think you meant, thats when one becomes one of the million other mindless sheep. Nothing makes humans special. We're the same decaying organic matter as everyone else. This false sense of self entitlement, led to us destroying the natural world. Let's not take it further.