Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Practical steps to spirituality - Part 10

Karma Yoga-the path of action.-part-1
Doing the right action with the right attitude is karma yoga. This is for the person   who is active,his emotions and intellect are equally balanced. His mind  surrenders  to a higher ideal  and his  intellect  helps towards achieving  that ideal. None can ever  remain inactive. His vasanas  (inherent nature) force him towards action. These vasanas  manifest as thoughts, desires and  actions.

 Only a human being  has the choice of  choosing  any kind of action , whether good or bad , or right  or wrong.Animals are programmed  by instinct  to behave in a particular way. A cow  cannot become  a non-vegetarian nor a lion  a vegetarian .It is  only human beings  who are gifted with an intellect  and the power to choose.

It is either  the mind or the intellect that  urges a man  to perform an action. The mind  is full of desires  , likes and dislikes. Sometimes the decisions made by the mind  could prove  to be wrong. It is the intellect that can guide  a person  to make the right choices .

A karma yogi  pitches  a higher  goal  in life  and works  with  commitment  to achieve that ideal. He will put in all his best efforts  for reaching the goal he has chosen. 

.to be continued.....

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