Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Practical steps to spirituality - Part 11

karma yoga  -path of action  -   part2                         The third  chapter of the Bhagavad Gita  gives a  description  of an ideal  action. It has  two requirements.. A right action must  energise  the person  doing it  and he  should not waste his  energy  in unproductive  channels while  doing it.

A right action  must  help the performer become  energised  while  doing  that action. This  applies  to both  mundane and spiritual  goals. He exhibits  dynamic  action  by his body , which in turn energises his  body. His  mind  surrenders  to a higher  goal, beyond  his selfish desires. The mind gains mental  strength when  it pitches  a higher goal, the highest  being  self realisation. The intellect  focuses on thoughts   .of the Self  even when  performing  the action. This helps him  to develop  objectivity in life. He is not  disturbed  by  the ups and downs  he may face while  performing  that action. All the three together  give greater  strength  to attain his  goal.

The  second  requirement  is,  he does not  waste his energy  in any  unnecessary  things  while  performing  the action. There are three ways  through  which  he may   dissipate his energy  -by  worrying  over the   past , which  will affect  his present  action  or  by  anxiety over  the future  results  of the action  , by  which  his  present action  will lose its focus  or by  showing  excessive  excitement  over the present  action , which  may make him  lose  his self control. One must learn to be  focused  in the  present  action without  entertaining  any  thoughts  of the past  or future and  should  not  be over excited  about  the present  action
to be continued.....

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