Saturday, 13 August 2011

Practical steps to spirituality - Part 14

Karma Yoga - path  of  action- part 5
4. Manushya  Yajna . All forms of  social  services ,opening  schools  for the poor,   hospitals  for the poor and  needy, running  orphanages  ,old age homes , treating  everyone  with respect ,  irrespective  of caste  ,creed,  color  or religion  or  financial  status   and  seeing  divinity in all beings  will come  under  this  Yajna..
5.  Bootha  Yajna . All kinds   of  contributions  to all   living beings  and protection  of  the  environment will  come under  this  Yajna.  Start  with  keeping  a bowl  of water  and  some grains   in your  window  sill  for  the  birds  ,feed  the stray  dogs  with  milk  and  biscuits., plant  trees  wherever  and whenever  possible. Go green. Take a pledge  that  you  will not  pollute  the  rivers , the beaches  or  throw  garbage  on the roads. .

The five Yajnas  described  above  will  fall under  sattvik  actions  and they  help  one  to  grow  spiritually. Rajasik  actions are those actions where  you  are selfish   and  are  indifferent  about  others' welfare . You may  benefit  materially  but  there is  spiritual  stagnation. .Tamasik   actions , in addition  to being  extremely  selfish , may  harm  others . It brings  about  spiritual  downfall..

The  whole  of  India  rose  in  one  voice  to support   Anna  Hazare's campaign  against  corruption. On  16th  Aug  join  his  campaign  against  corruption  and the spineless  lokpal bill. .Sign  up  to  join  this  campaign  in your own  locality  . Go  the extra  mile  and  take  to  the streets  to get  a strong and effective  jan  lokpal  bill.. This  is a  great  selfess  action  and  take part  in it  ,in the  best  possible way  you  can. .There  are  some  who  accept  things  as they  are  , there  are  some  others  who  will bring about  the change  that  is needed. and  which  will benefit  others

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