Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Practical steps to spirituality - Part 19

Bhakti  Yoga - path  of  devotion - part 3

1.Lord  Krishna enumerates  four  steps  for a bhakta  to reach  his final  destination.   The highest  sadhana  or path  is  meditation.  Meditation  is  a single  pointed concentration  upon  a mantra  to the  exclusion of  any  other thought  and after  a while  the mantra  is  chanted  in whispers,  which also  stops   finally  and there  is   only  silence  , there are no thoughts. In  the silence  one becomes  one with  the self.

2. The above  practice  can be  successful  only  if  the mind  is  peaceful and calm. The  mind  can  be made  peaceful  and calm  only  if    you   have   reduced    your  desires  and  reducing  desires  is  possible  only   if  you  have  gone  through  all the three   spiritual   disciplines  of  karma  yoga, bakti yoga  , and gnana  yoga. .  So for  those  who are  not  able  to concentrate  and  meditate, Lord Krishna  gives  an easier  step , that  of   continuing   the  practice  of    meditation and  go back  to the spiritual  practices  of  the three yogas  mentioned above..

3. A much   more  easier  step  is  given , for those  who are not  able  to do  even  the  2 nd step ,  that  of  surrendering  all your  actions  to  the Lord.  .You  function   according   to  the will   of  God.

4. If  you  are  not  able  to do even  the above  , the easiest  step  is given, that  of  giving up  all expectations  of  the  fruit  of  your  actions. Keeping  in  mind   self  realisation  as  your  goal., you  may  fulfill all your  desires  but  give  up  the  expectations  of  the  fruits  of  your  actions.. In due  course  of  time  a bhakta  moves  from the  4th step  to the  3rd step  and onto  the  second  and finally    meditate  on the  formless  Reality  and  realise  God.

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