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Practical steps to spirituality - Part 21

Bhakti Yoga- path of devotion- part  5

In  the 7th  chapter of  the  Bhagavad  Gita , Lord  Krishna tells  Arjuna  that  there  are  four kinds  of  people  who  worship Him. They  are 1. the  arta , who is  in  sorrow   and  has a disturbed mind and  who wants to be free  from  distress .2.The  artharthi, one  who  is a seeker  of  wealth  and  who wants  to fulfill all his  physical  desires.3. The  jignasu, a seeker  of  knowledge  and  who  wants  to  fulfill  his  intellectual  desires. 4. jnani ,the wise.

The  first  three  worship  God  as a means . They  have  no  desires  to  change  themselves  for  the  better nor  to grow  spiritually.They are extroverts and  they  pray  to God for  mundane things . They  pursue  happiness  through  wealth,  mental  solace  and  knowledge and  so worship limited  gods / goals. Krishna  says whatever  they  worship, He  makes their  faith  steadfast  to attain  their   limited  goals / gods.

The jnani, the  fourth, is  different  from the  other  three  in  as much  as, for  him  god  is his  goal . His goal  is  to  merge  with   God.  He  has  two  qualities, he  is  ever  steadfast , which  is  an  intellectual  discipline  and  he  has  a single  pointed  devotion  ,which  is  a mental  discipline. Both  the intellect  and  the mind  must  come  together  in  the pursuit  of  God  realization.   God  realization  is  like  the  river  losing  its  individuality and merging  with the ocean. The  lord  says  that  He  is  dear  to the  jnani  and  the jnani  is  dear  to  Him.

A  very  small number  of  people ,  who turn  to God  and  become  spiritual, have  the  goal   to become  one  with Him. Even  among  the  few  who  have  this  goal,  a rare  one  finally  merges  with God  at  the  end  of  many   lives. Krishna  refers  to  them  as  His  devotees and  they  only  qualify  as  true  devotees  of   God.

to be continued.....

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