Monday, 22 August 2011

Practical steps to spirituality - Part 23

Bhakti Yoga -path  of  devotion-part 7

Lord  Krishna  declares , in verse  no 26 of  chapter 9  of the Bhagavad  Gita , that  whosoever  with devotion  offers Him  a leaf, a flower, a  fruit or  water  He accepts  these  offerings . A true  bhakta approaches  God with  devotion  and  puts  forth  all  his  efforts  to reach  Him.   The  offerings  of  a leaf, a flower,  a fruit  or water  signify  that   everything  belongs to  Him and  all our  offerings  are actually  His  only. This  helps  develop an  attitude  of surrender  and  devotion..

A  leaf  represents action, a flower  some  of  your  vasanas  and  desires, a fruit  represents  all your  vasanas and desires  put  together. ,water  represents    the    offering  of  the. physical  body .In  the spiritual  path you  have  to  put in  your  own  efforts  at  the  physical , mental   and  intellectual  levels  along  with  devotion. This  is  what  is meant   when  He  says  He accepts  our  offerings.

Whatever  you  eat, offer  it  mentally  to  the lord  before  you  eat, whatever  you do , whatever spiritual  practices  you  undertake , do them  as  offerings to  the  lord. Doing  daily  puja at  home, visiting  temples  , going  on  pilgrimages, chanting  the  Lord's  names, doing  japa  , joining  satsangs , performing  yajnas, daana-giving  away gifts  , tapa - taking  to austerities  are all not  end  in themselves. They  help  purify  your  heart and mind  and to grow  spiritually  and  prepare  you  for  the final  merger  with God. Do them  all as  offerings  to the Lord. .

Devotion  is  not  a part-time affair. It is  a constant  awareness  of  the  divinity . Today  is  Janmashtami, Lord Krishna's  birthday. Whatever  you  offer  today  to the Lord  , offer that  with shraddha  and  devotion. Festivals  are  reminders  of  the  divinity   within  you..Krishna's  message  is  love. Even  the  slightest  hatred  for  any being   give up that,  fill your  heart with  love  for  all beings.  Spread  the message  of  love  and  goodwill  to  all.

to be continued......

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