Thursday, 25 August 2011

Practical steps to spirituality - Part 27

Bhakti  Yoga- path  of  devotion. -part  11

The  last  verse , of chapter 9 of  the  Bhagavad Gita ,  gives  a practical  advice  to  spiritual  seekers  to unite  the  individual  Self  with  the  Supreme  Self. 1. Fix  your  mind on  ". Me". Your  mind is  either  in the past or the future , never in the present. The  intellect  must control  the mind and direct it  to the thought of the Self.and  it  must be busy studying  the scriptures.This  is  a discipline  at  the intellectual level..

2. Be  devoted to "Me". Instead  of wasting your  energy  in indulging  in the pleasures of the  world, develop  devotion  to God. This  is  a discipline  at the  emotional level. . The  mind becomes  compassionate  and charitable.

3. Sacrifice. - . surrender  all actions to " Me " and  do them  for My  sake. a discipline  at the physical level.. A seeker  performs  all  his  obligatory  duties for His sake

4.Bow  down  to" Me. ". You  surrender your  ego also  to  the  lord and  your  surrender  is  complete. . There  will be  no more  thought of  i,me or mine., instead  you will say  "thy will be  done" This  is a discipline  at the ego level.. Continue  practicing  your  spiritual  disciplines  at  all  levels  and realise  your  divine  nature.
The  three disciplines  will  help  you  to free your  mind  from its  attachments. When  you  attach yourself  to  a higher  goal ,  simultaneously   a  detachment   from the lower  takes  place. . That  seeker  will  have  love  for all  and will have  no hatred  for anyone.

All  through the Gita ,   Krishna   uses  the  word "Me". It refers  to the  Supreme  Self within.  If it  were  to refer  to  the  avatara  purusha  Krishna only,  the  Gita  would  lose  its  universal  message.

Hanuman , the greatest  bhakta  of  Lord  Rama, even   today  stands  as the  symbol  of  the ultimate  in devotion. Hanuman  gave  an explanation of  his  devotion  to Rama and  his  relationship to  Him  thus:
From  the  stand point  of  my  body,  I am Your  servant.
From  the standpoint  of my  mind  ,I am  a part  of  You
From  the  stand point  of  my  Self  , You  and I  are  one!!!.

With this  we  have  concluded  the  path of  bhakti   and  the  coming  pages  will deal  with  gnana  yoga.

to be  continued......

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