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gnana yoga - path of knowledge


 Practical  steps  to spirituality- section 1 part 28

 Gnana yoga - the path of knowledge - part - 1

The path of knowledge is for the intellectually inclined who wants to find an answer to 'who is god', 'is there a causeless cause', 'who created this world', 'what is the relationship between the world and god', 'who am I' and 'what is my relationship with god' etc

God is introduced as the first cause of everything, he is believed to be the creator of the world. Some believe him to be a personal God with a form, some others believe him to be an impersonal God without form. The concept of God is just taken for granted and everything else being explained based on this.

Vedanta's approach is different. It tries to explain everything from the known to the unknown.God is an unknown factor and the origin of the world is another unknown factor. So the unknown factor of the origin of the world cannot be explained by God - another unknown factor. Vedanta only serves as a pointer to indicate God, the knowledge of this world cannot take you to the knowledge of God. But one can reach this knowledge of God only through the knowledge of the world. It takes you to the subtlest terrestrial experience. It is still not accepted as the final truth. One has to experience it subjectively to accept that as the truth. Vedantic knowledege helps one to go beyond this knowledge, purify the mind, make the mind contemplative and meditative. In meditation one realizes the self.

So one starts with the study of the world which is a known factor. The human species my be classified under five heads: the mineral man who is extremely selfish, vegetable man who extends his love to his own family only, animal man who includes his own people from his own caste creed and community, the human man who is far less selfish and the God man who has absolute peace bliss and universal love. The only mission in your life is to rise to the level of the God man and spread love, peace and happiness everywhere and to every being and to realize your divine nature.

A man with spiritual knowledge rises from being a mere physical sensual person to an emotional person, to a intellectual person and finally to a spiritual person. Man is steeped in ignorance regarding his own self. He is only interested in gaining material wealth and indulgences in the senses. As he starts acquiring spiritual knowledge, he moves from his limited goal of acquiring wealth and gratification of his senses to the joys of the  mind. As he acquires more spiritual knowledge, he moves from the emotional level to the intellectual level wherein he develops intellectual awareness and clarity of thought. When his doubts are cleared in his spiritual quest and his knowledge is clear, this takes him to the knowledge of the Supreme Self.

To be continued ...

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