Monday, 1 August 2011

Practical steps to spirituality - Part 3

For a very long period of time in the history of mankind, there has been no awareness or endeavour by humans to develop a srong intellect-the art thinking.As a result, the lives of people are based on groundless beliefs, which rest on some absurd superstitions or mere assertions which bear no proof.And now they find it difficult to question their veracity.

People must wake up and realise the emergent need to develop and strengthen the intellect. The process of thinking should have started from an early age.Having failed  to do so, at least start the process now.Develop the are of thinking  and of questioning. Study  the eternal truths of life. Delve deep into these truths. Accept only those that appeal to logic and reason. Apply them in practical living. Adopt this procedure all through your life. This will help to build a strong  intellect.

One has to develop a strong intellect to make the right choices in life. At every point in your life let reasoning guide you. You donot have to accept anything just because it is passed onto you by tradition. Accept only that which admits of logic and reason . This will help you to think and be free.

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  1. This makes the assumption that logic is universal and 2 people will have the same understanding pf what is logical.

    For example: why does one need to go to office for work? Employee feels he / she doesn't need to because they can avoid travel time, sit at home and be equally productive without compromising any work quality. Employer feels, that if the employee comes to office, then better team bonding happens, people are more united, there is a ready ecosystem to work etc. Both these logics are right, its the point of view that differs.

    Hence I guess we should also learn a bit to accept what is given through tradition and also what is told by higher ups - as the simple logic is, if you dont then you will get into trouble!