Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Practical steps to spirituality - Part 4

 A few practical  exercises to make your intellect strong. The qualities of human nature can be classified in to Tamas, Rajas  and Satwa.The tamasic is inactive,is in inertia and ignorance.Rajasic is active,full of passions and agitations,. Satwik is transactive ,equanimous and serene. Everyone has these gunas in different proportions but they are distinct in different times of the day.Satwa is predominant for everyone between 4am and 6am., rajas between 6am and 6 pm and tamas between6 pm and 4am.

If one has to develop a strong intellect it would be best possible if one takes to scriptural studies,reflect and contemplate on the eternal  truths between 4am and 6am  everyday. In due course of time you will find that your intellect is becoming clearer and sharper and the mind no longer trapped in likes and dislikes.

 Another problem you face is that sometimes you do some actions which you know are wrong. Later on you repent for having done that .This is because the intellect was not available to you at the time of doing that action. You just acted impulsively.The mind is never in the present ,it is either worrying about the past or anxious about the future. So you carry on with life's activities in a mechanical way.

The solution to this problem is self observation.All you have to do is everynight before you go to bed spend five minutes trying to remember all the day's activities right from the time you get up , to brushing your teeth to  ...everything you do until you sit for this -  observation. Donot be judgemental. Just become aware  of all that you have done through the day. This constant recollection at the end of each day will in due course of time create a conscious awareness of each and every activity even while you are doing it.  You no longer do them mechanically or impulsively. This will help you strenthen your intellect.

From my own personal experience, the study of scriptures and  reflecting on them between 4am and 6 am  has improved my memory power and has sharpened my intellect .Being consciously aware of each and every activity  i do, it  has  also made me  aware of what is happening around me and i  have become more sensitive to other people's needs also. It has broadened my vision .

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