Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Practical steps to spirituality - Part 5

The Atman is the core of one's personality. It is the Supreme Self  within that enables the body to perceive and act,the mind to feel, and the intellect to think.The type of actions ,perceptions , feelings  and thoughts will depend on one's own inherent   nature called vasanas.Vasanas manifest as thoughts and desires. It is the vasanas manifesting as thoughts and desires that stand between man and God.So sastras give some spiritual disciplines to destroy these vasanas and realise your highest  nature.The coming pages will deal with some yogas-disciplines.

Atman is the Pure Consciousness, the unconditioned Reality. It appears conditioned by the material equipments of the body mind and intellect..The Supreme  Self in you appears to be limited by these  through ,which the Self functions and becomes  the individual,the limited human being.When  a spiritual seeker rises above the equipments and  transcends the perceptions, actions ,feelings and thoughts , the conditioning stops . The individuaity is no more there It merges with the Absolute, the unconditioned  Reality.

.On these pages the emphasis has been  on using  logic and reason. The sceptics  may question the existence of  Atman, the Supreme Being.. Let us see if the Atman's existence can be proved.

 to be continued.....


  1. Pattu, I read ur post today and I am slowly trying to understand the real meaning of spirituality. Thank u for giving clear explanmation,I realy admire ur style of ur expression. god bless u.-- mythili

  2. thank you. for your efforts to understand vedanta. learn at your own pace