Friday, 5 August 2011

Practical steps to spirituality - Part 6

To the reader, it will look as if there is only logic and reasoning in life and that there is no room for faith.What is faith? It is not a blind faith. It is called SHRADDHA , a firm conviction in one's faith, wherein the intellect pursues it and turns    the faith into a truth. The belief in God is not a mere faith. It is to be supported by spiritual study, reflection and assimilation and in that process one gets transformed into a divine person. He sees God not only in temples, churches, mosques etc,he sees God everywhere. He sees himself in others and others in himself.

In the kenopanishad , a student asks a guru: What is the power that makes the ears hear, the eyes see,. by whom willed does the mind , the intellect, the organs of speech function?In short, he wants to know who or what is God?What is the spiritual core behind and beyond the material layers ,the body , mind and intellect?What is that transcendental Reality  beyond the terrestrial?

The   guru answers:  Atman , the Pure Consciousness, is the enlivening principal  that makes the  ears hear, the eyes see, the mind feel , the intellect think etc.Take the example of just one of them to see how it functions -the ear. One says one can hear even if the external ear is missing  due to some accident, or even if the tympanum , the inner membrane of the ear is damaged, he says he can still hear..You then trace back to the sense  centers where the hearing is registered and he becomes conscious of the sound. Go back one step to locate the real  source of hearing. You will arrive at the Supreme Consciousness that enlivens the  organ of hearing to  hear ,without this Consciousness it will not be possible for him to hear at all.. This enlivening principal makes the organs of perception ,the organs of action, the mind,  the intellect  ,everything to function

to be continued