Saturday, 6 August 2011

Practical steps to spirituality - Part 7

Continuing the discussion on the proof  for Atman's ,God's existence........
When you are using your  equipments ,body ,mind and intellect,you refer to them  as my body , as my mind  my intellect. There are 2 factors here-the subject,the possessor and the object, the possessed . Remove these equipments from your personality, it looks as if there is nothing left. Yet you know that there is  a subject that claims these objects (the body, mind and intellect) as its own. That unknown subject is the Atman.

The body ,mind and intellect change. Change is the only common factor in your life but  you cannot  recognise  the change unless there is a changeless  substratum. That changeless substratum is  the Atman , the Supreme Being.

You go through three  states  of consciousness-the waking ,the dream and the deep sleep states.You are either a waker, a dreamer or a deep sleeper all your life.While you are in your waking state ,you as a waker say "I am Mary." While you are in the dream state, you are a different person  and you as a dreamer  say, "I am John". While in your deep sleep state you feel you are nothing. Now who is  the I  who slept well  last night and on waking says ,"I slept well last night".? Who is I who is the waker, who is the I who is the dreamer  and  who is the I Who is the deep sleeper?. The I is the constant  factor  among all the  three  states  of consciousness. That I  is the Atman.

 You say  you are a child , a married man , an old man , you say you are sad or happy , you say you are  clever  or dull. You find that the same I runs through all  the equipments -body , mind and intellect, and all its expressions.. The I is the Atman  that  perceives, acts , feels and thinks. It is  the Supreme Self  which  is beyond the  equipments ,  beyond  all the changes, and  beyond all the three  states  of consciousness.

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