Monday, 8 August 2011

Practical steps to spirituality - Part 9

Among the four yogas, let me take up the hatha yoga for discussion today. Hatha yoga is a path of compulsion. It is compulsorily given to the inactive, indolent and extremely lazy persons who cannot even emotionally feel that there is a higher power nor intellectually think of a higher power.

To such a person, sastras prescribe hatha yoga,a course of physical disciplines. He is compelled to go through asanas and pranayamas and some exercises that involve a lot of self torture - like fasting on particular days of the week, ,maintaining silence on some days of the week or some exercises that involve standing on one leg for a length of time.These exercises are given to build his endurance levels and also as spiritual disciplines.

After he continues these exercises for a long time, his mind starts feeling and the intellect starts thinking. Only then he becomes fit for the next three yogas - karma, bhakti and gnana.

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