Friday, 2 September 2011

three kinds of minds


Practical steps to spirituality- section 1 part 33

Gnana yoga  - path of knowledge- part 6

The five classification of human beings come under three broad mental conditions - restless mind, imperfect mind and perfect mind.

Restless Mind: A person who is selfish and interested in himself, fulfilling only his desires. His mind is always in a state of agitation. He has a restless and agitated mind.

Imperfect Mind: As one evolves to the next category, he is one with the imperfect mind. His agitations are less but nevertheless if he is insulted he flares up in angry outbursts.

Perfect Mind: As one moves higher to the next category, it is a state of a perfect mind where he is free from all agitations under all circumstances. He has a balanced mind, the pairs of opposites - joy and sorrow / heat and cold / honour and dishonour don't disturb him. He is always peaceful and lives in harmony with everyone.

Vedanta helps one to reach this state of perfect tranquility of mind. By taking to the study of vedanta and reflection on the truths one learns to discipline the mind, lessen the agitations and live in peace and bliss.

To be continued ...

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