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law of destiny


Practical steps to spirituality- section 2 part 12

 The  law  of  karma-  part  5

The  law  of  causation  can  be  classified  into   two . -the  law  of  karma  and  law  of  destiny. . The  law  of  destiny  deals  with the  past  and  the  present  up  to  this  moment. .The  law  of  karma  deals  with  our  past, present  and  the  future. .It  takes  into  account  our  life  in its  entirety. 

The  law  of  destiny  : our  life  is  the  accumulated  effects  of  our  past  thoughts,  desires  and  actions. .Our  past  activities  the  cause ,  the  personality  the  effect. This  effect  is  called  destiny. It  is  not  imposed  on  us  by  God, or  the  stars, or  the  planets., or  by  luck  or  accident.. We  have  created  our  own  destiny. God  is  the  Supreme  power  that  enables  us  to  think, desire  and  act.  but the  quality  of  thoughts,  desires  and  actions  entertained  and  executed  are  all  100% ours  only.. So  we  are  the  creator  of  our  own  destiny.. So  we  have  to  entertain  positive   thoughts, feelings  and  carry  out  positive  actions  and  let  our  desires  be  pure.

The  law  of  karma   :It  is  an  extension  of  the  law  of  destiny.  in  to  the  future  as  well.. We  are  the  product  of  our  past  actions  ,yet  again  we  are  the  producer  of  the  future  actions as  well.. Now  we  have  the  opportunity    to create  a  better  future  for  ourselves.  We  are  the  masters   of  our  own  destiny.. So  the  past  binds  us  but  we  are  free  to  act  in  the  present.  We  are  given  free will.. The  past karma  is  our  prarabda   and  we  have  to  go  through  it  but  we  are  also  given  the  power  to  choose, to  do  what  we  want  to  do  in  the  present.. This  is  called  self  effort-  purushartha.. 

The  present  destiny  is  the  effect  of  all the  self  efforts  we  have  put  in  the  past to  create  the  present  moment.. If  we  had  exerted  our  free will  to  lead  a  sensual  life  ,we  would  be  a  sensual  person  in  the  present.  and  if  we  had  chosen  to lead  a  spiritual  life, we  would  be  a  spiritually  evolved  person. . So  that  is  our  destiny.. So it  looks  as  if   a  sensual  person  or  a  spiritual  person would  continue  to lead  the  same  kind  of  life  which  is  influenced  by  the  past  actions.. So  is  there  any  free will?. Can  we  change  our  ways?. Can  we  as  a  sensual  person have  the  free will to  change  the  present? It  is  not  correct  to  say  that  people  remain  the  same, the  good  always  good  ,the  bad  always  bad..We  have  seen  people  change.

Let  us  take  the  example  of  an  alcoholic. He  suddenly  decides  to  abstain  from  drinking.  but  still he  continues  to  drink  . This  is  because  his  destiny is  more  powerful  than  his  free will . But  by  continuously exercising  his  free  will  as  not  to  drink , gradually   he  would make  his  free will  more  powerful  than  his  destiny. and  he  would  succeed  in giving  up  drinks.. So  when  self  effort  is  applied  against  destiny, the  effect  produced  is  different and  he  would  change  the  destiny  in  the  direction  he wants.

to be  continued.....


  1. An insight into freewill versus destiny helps one redirect energies towards taking charge of oneself and making choices. It is a fallacy in human thinking or a kind of vulnerability not to own all the results. That said, it appears that there is a destiny that is preceding the free will (which is not matured enough early on)This is perhaps inevitable. Secondly, death is not chosen. There are circumstances in which death occurs quite unnaturally. Would it be possible for freewill to prevail and prevent unnatural death? Where do the external events source themselves?

  2. thankx for the comments. free will works in the present. it cannot modify or delete the past actions which have already been done.birth and death and how and when are already predetermined.A soul having come into this world ,taking a particular body is to exhaust a part of its sanchita karma. ,the karma that has started to give its fruits in this life are called the prarabda karma.. A man undergoes joys and suffering due to this bag of karma. Having said that let us not forget that I am responsible for whatever happens to me now because i created them in my past lives by exercising my free will

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