Sunday, 1 January 2012

helpful resolutions for the new year


 Practical steps  to spirituality- section 2  part 37

Happy  new year..Let  me  wish  all  the  readers  of  my  blog  a very  happy ,prosperous  new year. May  you  grow  from strength to strength  and  meet with  success  in all your  endeavors.. May this  new year help you  to grow  spiritually. and  become  better  human  beings.  Here  are ten  suggested  resolutions for  this new year  which can help you  in your  spiritual  growth.

1.  On  waking up chant the  name  of  Hari  seven times.
2  .Strengthen  the   intellect  by getting  up between 4.30 and 6am  and  study  the  vedantic  scriptures. for  at least half an hour.
3  Do  some  physical  exercises  and  eat  healthy  food. Only  with a healthy body  you can  achieve  anything in  life.
4. Do  some  selfless actions  , by    giving  physical , emotional ,  intellectual ,  or  spiritual  help
5. Pitch  a  higher  ideal, goal  in life  and  work  sincerely  towards  achieving  it.
6. Enjoy  the  duties  assigned  to you  , without  expecting  any  rewards 
7.You are  the  architect  of your own destiny.. You  create  your  fortunes  and  misfortunes.
8.  Live  in the  present  and  accept  people  as they are.
9. Live  with an  attitude  of  gratitude.
10. Just  before going  to bed   for five minutes  recount  all  the  activities  you did  through the day  in chronological order  without being  judgemental.


  1. you are very correct in asking every oneof us to do the best from the time we wake up till going to bed. I need this motivation from ur side, thank u

  2. U have started a very good subject on the new year day. . The very starting is interesting and I am eager to go through ur works every day. byw may god bless u.

  3. thank you for your encouraging comments. keep reading the daily blog