Monday, 2 January 2012

visit to vedanta academy- mumbai


 Practical steps to spirituality- section 2  part 39

A two day retreat  to vedanta  academy. part- 2

The  students  gather  at  the  lecture  hall at  9.30  for  1.15  hours  lecture. .The  book  being followed  now  is " The  fall of  the  human  intellect" . Swamiji  has  written  nine  books  which  become  the  syllabi  for  the  three years course. . After  the  lecture  , it  is  karma  time  for  the  students. for  2  hours. Each  student  is  assigned  some  work like  helping  in the  kitchen,  in the  garden or the  plumber, electrician  etc. There  are no  clerical  staff  . The  students   who are  assigned  this  duty , manage  the  whole  office  work.

Lunch  is  served  at 1.15 , after which  the  students  have  two hours  to take  rest  or  do anything  they  would like to do. . There  are no newspapers, no tv  sets  nor  cell phones.  or  internet connection. Of course  internet  is  accessible  in the  office  only. . We  were  completely  cut off  from world  news   and  we forgot  there was a world  outside this  campus. . The  students  are allowed  to hear  swamiji's  lectures  on  dvd or  cd players  in their  free time. . Once  in a while  they are shown  some  excellent  movies. which reflect  some  higher  truths.

Evening  tea is given at 4.45 and there  is  either  a  group bhajan  or  a group  discussion   with  swamiji. . Before  the class begins  students  face  the  setting  sun and  chant  the  gayathri  mantra  and  then  ten verses  from the  Bhaja govindam   are  chanted. . Swamiji clears  the  students'  doubts. Dinner  is served  at 8 pm  and  all have  to get  back to their  rooms  and lights  put off at 9.30. . The  students  live and breathe  vedanta  and  nothing  apart  from  that.

to be continued.......


  1. YOU HAVE GIVEN A VERY GOOD PICTURE OF THE DAYS SPENT IN THE VEDANTHA ACADEMY. I an very happy to see that u all enjoyed ur stay.I feel very sorry that I have missed this good time. Any way next time when I visit Bombay I must also get the same happiness u enjoyed. bye. mythili

  2. with today's page the descriptipn of the visit is over. from tomorrow i shall write about the questions asked by the students and the answers by swamiji. hope you will read the blog everyday.