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following the herd instinct


 Practical steps to spirituality- section 2 - part 42

Questions and  answers discussed  at vedanta  academy  :part 2

Q.2.  How  can  one  check if  one  is  following  the  herd?   How  to avoid  the  herd  instinct ?
A.2.  To  follow  the  herd  blindly  is  a  tendency  of  the  mind. . It  is  part  of  the  mind  not  to discriminate. . This  habit  of the  mind  can be  changed  by a  powerful  intellect. . By  creating  a  powerful  intellect  and  making  the  intellect  available  to you  at all times,  you  will always  analyse  and  examine  any  situation  before  responding  to it  impulsively.

Between  4am  and  6am  is  Brahma  muhurtham  , the  sattvika  time  , when  sattva  is  predominant  . If  you  get  up at  this  hour  and  study   the  vedantic  scriptures,  you  will develop  a  strong and  powerful  intellect.

Another  exercise  to improve  the  intellect  and  make  it  available  at  all times is  as  follows. Just  before  going  to bed,  spend  5 minutes  recalling  the  day's  events  in  a  chronological  order  right  from  the  time  you  woke  up  to the time  now  you  are  introspecting. . You  should  not  be  judgemental. Just  go through  what  all you  did  in a  sequential  order. This  exercise  will help  the  intellect  to be  available  even  in a  crisis  like  situation.. Generally  we  respond impulsively  to  situations  and  then  regret  later about  our  reactions. . 

Both  these  exercises  will help you  to strengthen  your  intellect. These  exercises  have  to be  done  sincerely  everyday  for  a long  period  of  time.  to get  the  right  results. . A powerful  intellect  will make  the  discrimination  to find out  if  you  are  only  following  the  herd instinct  or  if you  have  analysed the  merits/ demerits  of  each  action  before  doing the  action. You will no more  do actions  mechanically.  or imitate  others ' actions.

to be  continued.....

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  1. ur have given two exercises to improve the intellect. very fine .i like it I like the way u write to make every one understand very easily. good work. keep writing. god bless u.