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shraddha -faith


 Practical steps to spirituality- section 2 - part 50

Question  answer  session  with  swamiji : part  10

Q 12    What is  shraddha  ?
 A 12    The  sages  analysed  and  projected  the  possibility  of   a  transcendental  Reality.  They  presented  the  facts  with  perfect  logic  and  reasoning. Start  your  enquiry  with  faith  in  what  the  sages  had to say, what  the  upanishads , the  scriptures  say  . Rabindranath  Tagore  describes  this  faith  as  a bird  that  feels  the  light  and  sings  while  the  dawn is  still dark.

Approach  the  truths  of  life  given  out  by the  sastras  with  reason  and  judgement. Study  them  ,analyse  them  logically  and  experiment  with them in your life. . So  what  is  shraddha ?  It  is  the  faith  in  yourself,  the  faith  in the  gurus,  in the  scriptures. In  addition  to this  faith  ,when  you  keep  on  pursuing  your  goal till the  end to make  this  knowledge your own   , it turns  into   shraddha.   .Shraddha   is  the  dedicated  pursuit  of truth,  the  capacity  to pursue  the  truth  consistently until   you  reach it.

One  cannot  find  an  equivalent  in  English  for  this  sanskrit   word  shraddha.   Shraddha  is  the  capacity  of  the  intellect  to reflect  upon  the  teachings  of  vedanta,    understand  them, assimilate  them and  make  them your own.  This  knowledge  gained  must  bring  about  a  change, a  transformation  in your  personality,  when  this  knowledge  does not  remain   mere knowledge  but  turns  into wisdom.

Lord  Krishna  promises  in  chapter  three  verse  31   that   those who practice  this  teaching   of  His   with  full  of  shraddha  and  without  criticizing  are  liberated. Though  you  start  with  faith  in the  scriptures, vedanta  does not  make any   promise  nor does it  want  you  to follow  blindly what  it says. Each  one of  you  has  to, from   here on,  find  whether  the  truths given out by  vedanta  are  logical and  then   apply  these truths in your own life  and  make them a truth  for  yourself.  

to be  continued.....

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