Monday, 20 February 2012

nature helps him in all ways


 Practical steps  to spirituality  section 2 part  85


     Man  rarely  makes use  of  his  intellect, though he  is  blessed with this  powerful  faculty. . So this  gets  reflected  in  all spheres  of his  life. . He  has  turned  selfish   and  wants  to grab  everything  without   any  thought  of  giving  back  to  society . He  forgets  that  the  very  essence  of  life  is  to give  and  not  to  take.

     He  forgets  that  the  very day  he  is  born  , nature  takes  care  of  him. Mother's  milk is   there  ready  for  his  survival. , he  is  provided with  oxygen  to breathe.  etc. Nature, his  environment , his  parents and  many  others    take  care of  him  and  he  must  feel  grateful  for all that  he  receives. . So  it is his  duty  to pay back  to  society  in  whatever form he  can.

     Another  thing  we  notice  because  of his  not  using  the  intellect  is  that  he  has  made  religion a  mockery. . He  blindly  follows  religious  teachers  . He  does not  care  to make  a  systematic  study  of  the  scriptures.  and  to reflect  on the  truths  given out  by   the  scriptures. . All that  he  does  now  is  to  follow  blindly  some  rituals  without  questioning their  validity. . All he  needs now  is  a  strong and  powerful intellect to know  what  religion  is  really  all about.

to be continued.......

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