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The law of abundance


Practical steps  to spirituality- section 3 - part 22

Life is to give and  not to take - part 9

                    The  law of  abundance  states  that  the more you give , the more you get back through some   source  or the  other.  . Nature  never likes  vacuum . If  you  have  given  away  most of your unused  things  and  clothes  and  made  space in your  cupboard , nature  will see to it  that  space  gets  filled  and not remain empty. . Who knows  who is  waiting   around  the  corner to gift you  your  favourite  dress.

                  Imbibe  the  spirit  of   sacrifice. A seed  in order  that it  may bud forth  into a  tree , must  perish  itself . Fruition  is  the  final result of  complete  self  sacrifice. A flower has to sacrifice itself  to become a  fruit. The  more we  impart  the light of  knowledge to others, the more  we  receive. This  is  a  law.

                  Today    Sri. Rama  navami   is  being  celebrated by  Hindus  all over  the  world  as  the  birth  of  Lord  Sri  Rama  into this  world. He  is  one  of  the  incarnations  of  Lord Vishnu   whose mission  was  to  establish  dharma  on  earth. He  is   called  as  " Maryada   Purushottam  Ram " He  stood  for  dharma. It  is  said that   Lord  Krishna  preached  dharma  but  Lord  Rama  walked  this  path  of  dharma  all through out  his life. The  Ramayana  written  by   sage  Valmiki   states   that  when  Sri  Rama  started  to regain  Sita  devi , who represents  Divine  knowledge ,  all  nature  offered  services  to him. The  monkeys, bears,  geese,  squirrels  ,  even  stones  air and  water  competed with  one  another  to  help  Rama  in  his  high  mission.. Thus  the law of abundance  works  when  you have the  highest  selfless  goal in your life.

to be continued.....

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  1. The law of abundance states that the more you give the more you get from some other source. nature never likes vacuum . she will fill up the empty spaces keep giving.