Friday, 23 March 2012

Life is to give not take


Practical  steps  to spirituality  - section  3 - part 14

Life is  to give and not  take. - part - 1

                   The  light  of the  sun  is  made up of  seven colors -  vibgyor  namely   violet, indigo, blue, green  yellow orange and  red.  .All  the  colors in the  world are due to the  light of the  sun. Science  tells  us  that  the  colors  attributed to an object do not belong to it but  to the  sun. When we say the lotus  flower is  blue , the  blue does not belong to the lotus  but to the  sun. In the  darkness  of  the  night , we can  see  the  lotus  flower's  form and  shape  but not its  color. If  the  blueness  inherently  belonged  to the  lotus flower , whether  day or night , it should  show itself as blue.  at all times.

                  The  sunlight  has  seven colors  . The  seen  object  absorbs  six  colors   and  reflects  the  seventh  color.  back to the  sun. The  six  colors  are   taken in  by the  lotus   here  and  it  absorbs  the  six  colors. It  does not  take  the  seventh  color  blue  here  which  it  reflects  back, gives back  to  the  sun. So  the  color  that  is  given away  is exhibited  by  the flower  and  we say this  lotus  is  blue  in  color. The  color  that  is  given away is  exhibited and  colors  taken in are  lost for ever  and not visible.

                   When  a  particular   color  is  not   absorbed  by the  object , it  is  sent back to its  source , the  sun. So the  color  which we say   belongs to a  particular  object  actually  belongs to the  sun. . We  can draw a  necessary  corollary from this  aspect  of  nature  that  life  is  in giving  and   not in  taking.

to be continued......

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  1. The seen object absorbs all six colors from the light of the sun. and exhibits the seventh color which it has not absorbed but given away. So what is given away only gets exhibited