Friday, 30 March 2012

nature gives away at the macro level


Practical steps to spirituality- section 3 - part  21

Life is to give and not to take -  part - 8

                    At the  macro level ,  we have  seen  that even  the  colors that emanate from the light of the  sun, when  taken in or absorbed  are lost for ever , whereas  only  the color that is given away by the object   is  exhibited. Does this not go to  prove  that  life  is  in  giving ? . Nature  gives away everything  ,not expecting anything back from us. . Nature  provides us  with  the  right type  of  fruits and  vegetables  according  to each  season .. On   a  hot  summer  afternoon   who would not enjoy  eating a watermelon or a melon which is  seen in  abundance ?

                  Trees  give  us  fruits  in  abundance , its  shade . It  does  not   question  whether one  deserves these things. Nature  is  simply  benevolent. . Mother  earth   however much  we  misuse  her   continues  to  provide food  for us  through out the year.

                   When  a  child  is  born  into the  world, mother's  milk is  readily available  for its survival. . Nature  helps  the  child  to adapt   itself   immediately   to the  outside  pressure  and  temperature. which  is  entirely  different  from  the  pressure and  temperature while the baby was in its  mother's  womb. There is  no  end  to  nature's  benevolence. . We  may try  to  give back  to others    at least   something   from  the  generosity   that we receive from God's  grace,  from  bountiful  nature , and  the  selfless love we receive  from our  parents  . 

to be continued......

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  1. Nature provides us with everything living creatures need. Mother earth selflessly provides food throughout the year for us. Be grateful for these and pass on a portion of what you receive to others.