Monday, 26 March 2012

renounce to purufy your mind


Practical steps  to spirituality -  section  3 - part  16

Life  is  to  give and not  to take  - part  3 

                  We  have  seen  that  an object  when  absorbs  all the  colors  from the  sun's light, the  object takes the color of  black, and  the object  when  gives  away  all the  colors without absorbing anything it is  white in  color. . When  the  worldly  objects  are all absorbed  by an  individual  selfishly, without  giving  back  anything to the  society , then  we say  his  heart  is  black . He is  full of  egoism , selfishness  , full of  worldly  desires  , then  his  heart will become  dirty , opaque and  black. It  will not allow   the  light  of  Atma  to  shine  forth  freely.

                  So  if  you  want  to  be  pure hearted   like  the  white  objects  , inculcate  the  habit  of  renunciation. . Black  objects  tell us   that  your  hearts  are like  them  , selfish, greedy  and  egoistic. . White  objects  tell us  , that  when  you  renounce   everything  like  the  color  white, your  heart  becomes  pure and  transparent.

                  When  you are  able  to practice  renunciation , you will learn  to  see  God  everywhere  and  in  everything. . If  you  take  away  your  mind  from  worldly  objects ,  temptations,  and  desires,  and  return    back  everything   to  God  and  attach  the  mind  and  devote  it  to the  Lord , you will see Divinity  in  everything. . Your mind  will be  purified.

to be  continued.........

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  1. Black signifies selfishness . white signifies selflessness because it has given back to the sun all the colors . Renounce like the white color to become pure in heart and to see Divinity in everything and everywhere.