Thursday, 29 March 2012

swadyaya gnana yagna


Practical steps  to spirituality- section 3 - part 20

Life  is  to give  and  not  to take  - part 7

                     The  fourth  yagna  talked  about  in  the   Bhagavad  Gita  is  swadyaya gnana  yagna. It  is  that  yagna  when  one  spends  all  his  time  and  energy  to  study  the  scriptures. , contemplate  and  meditate  on  the  highest  Reality and  get  enlightened ,  become  a  self-realized  man . . Just  on  face  value  it  might  look  as  if   he  is  merely  selfish  and  he  is  bothered  only about  his  own  salvation.

                       A truly  spiritual  person , we  mean  a  self realized  man , actually  helps  others  to elevate  themselves. also  to reach  the  state  of  Self  realization. . According  to  science  , when  air  is  heated , it  becomes  light  and  rises  up. The  surrounding  air  rushes  to fill up the   vacuum  caused  by  the  heated  air  having gone  up. So  fresh air  takes  its  place. . Similarly  if a  saint  has  learned  to merge  himself  with   God / Atman / Self,   the  others  around  him fill up  the  place   he  has  till now  been  occupying , and  they  also  get  elevated  step by  step   to fill the  vacuum  caused  by   the   sublimation.  of the  man  who has  realized his  Self.. . When  these  get  realized  , they  elevate  others  to grow    spiritually    in due course  of  time

               So  to do  good  to  others   is  to  sublimate  yourself  by  becoming one  with  God. , by  realizing your  Self. When  your  mind  has  become  light  because  it  has  no more  selfishness   or   egoism ,  you  automatically  help others  to  elevate  themselves   from  their  respective  positions. . When  you develop  spiritually , you  develop  the  power  to move  the  whole    world. So  doing  good  to  yourself   is  actually  the  best  service  you can  do to  others  , as  they  also  effortlessly  get  elevated  .So sastras  say  among the  four  yagnas this  one  is the  highest.  service .

to be  continued.....

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  1. A spiritually realized person elevates others to become self realized beings. Hence this is the highest service he can to others in the society.