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why black and white are not included in vibgyor ?


Practical steps to spirituality  - section 3 - part - 15

Life is  to give and not  take  - part  2 

            In    Victor  Hugo 's  les miserables  , the  bishop  tells the  convict  Jean  Valjean , "  long ago  I learned that  life is  to  give  and not  to  take . And  in return promise me that you will  also  give " .We   are at  present  seeing  that  life is  in giving  only and not in  taking. . Lao  Tzu   says  "   the  reason  why the  universe is  eternal   is that  it does not live  for  itself , it  gives life to  others as  it  transforms "

           Why  black  and  white are  not  included  as  colors  in the  light of  the  sun ? We  see  black  color  in an  object  when  it  absorbs  all  the  seven  colors (  vibgyor ) . We  see  the  white  color in  an  object  when  it  does  not  absorb  any  of  the  seven  colors and  gives  all of them  back to  the  sun. Therefore all the  colors  owe their  existence  to the  sun  , because  their  existence  depends  on  the  seven  colors  of  the  sun's  light  being  totally   absorbed  or  totally  rejected  by the  object.

          This  can  be  applied  to the  human  heart  . If  we  return  all  the  worldly  objects  back  to  God  , the  source  of  all ,  if  we  do not  absorb them  or  retain  them  for  our  selfish  interest  , then  our  heart  will become  white  , transparent  and  free from impurity . Our  hearts  will become  clean   , the  light  of  Atma  will come  out  clearly  from  within

to be  continued......

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  1. when all the seven colors are absorbed by the seen object it results in the object as black in color . when all the seven colors are given away by the seen object it results in the object as white in color