Monday, 30 April 2012

The two birds


Practical  steps  to spirituality-  section  3 part  50

Stories  from  the  scriptures  - part  2 

                              Once  there  were  two birds  sitting  on  a  tree. .,  one  bird   sitting  on  the   topmost  branch  was  serene ,  majestic   and  divine.,. the  second  bird   which was  sitting  on  the  lower  branches  was  restlessly  eating  the  fruits  found on the  tree. . The  fruits  were  sometimes  sweet  and  sometimes  sour. . Every time  this  second  bird  ate  a sour  fruit,  it  looked  up  at  the  first  bird  and  moved   one  branch  up. . Thus  with  repeated  attempts  , it  reached  the  topmost  branch.. The  sweet  fruits  would   stand  for  the pleasures we enjoy  and  the  sour  fruits   for  our  sorrows. . When  one's  life  is  filled  with  sorrow,  it  is  then  that  one  tries  to  think  of   the  purpose of   life, about  God  etc.

                            Being  there,  on  the  top most  branch  ,this  second  bird  could  not  find   any  difference  between  itself  and  the  first  bird. , which  was  divine. . It  realized  that  in fact  there  was  only  one  bird  ,  the   first   bird  was   the  real  form  of  the  restless  second  bird.

                            The  fruits  in the  story  denote   karma,   the  fruits  of  good  and  bad  karma.. The     restless  bird  is  the  jivatma,  the  individual  soul,  the  majestic  bird  is   the  Divine, the  Absolute , God. . The  spiritual  journey  of   a  human  being  starts   when  he  understands   that  he  is  not  a  limited  , finite  being, who lives  in  sorrow.  and  fear. . As  he  grows   spiritually,   he  realizes  that  he  has  misunderstood   himself  to  be  in  bondage, but  that  he  is   the  Divine  with  no  limitations. . Knowing  himself  as  infinite  ,  he  is  freed  from  fear  ,  sorrow,  stress   and  mental  agitations.

to  be  continued.....

Sunday, 29 April 2012

the missing tenth man


Practical  steps  to  spirituality-  section  3 -part  49

Stories  from  the  scriptures. - part 1

                           Ten  students  studying  under  a guru  in an  ashram  , had  to  visit  a  neighboring   village   crossing a  river . While  they  were  returning  there were  flash  floods  in  the  river. , but  with  great  difficulty  they  managed  to cross the  river  and  come  back to their ashram. . They  wanted  to make  sure  that  all ten  of  them  had   arrived  safely. They  counted  and  found the  answer  was  nine, no  matter  who  counted. . So  they   became  sad  that  one  of  them had  gone  missing.

                          The  guru  coming  to know  of  their  problem  ,  counted  and  found  the  answer  was  ten. , that  all of the ten students  were  safe. . The  guru  explained  that  this  missing  tenth  man  has  a  deeper  significance.

                      In  creation  , at  the  macro  - cosmic   level,   there  are  three  bodies  ,  gross,  subtle  and  causal  bodies.  At   the  micro  - individual  level  also  there   are   three  bodies,  gross,  subtle  and  causal  bodies. .  There  are  three  states  of  consciousness  -  the  waking,  dream  and  deep  sleep  states. . So  altogether there  are  nine  entities. . So  the  tenth  one,  apparently  the  missing  person  in  the  story   is  the  Self. . All others  are  counted  by  the  Self  only. . The  Self  , the  subject,  is  different  from   the  above  nine  entities  and  the  Self  is  never  realized. . It  is  the  Self  that  counts  the  other  nine  entities.  and  leaves itself  out   and  so the  answer  is  always  nine.

                    Thus  the  story  establishes   the  existence  of  the  Self. . It  may  please be  noted  that  this  analogy   of  the  Self   may  be  used  only  to  the  point  of  establishing   the  existence  of  the  Self. The  Self  cannot  be  grouped  along  with  the  other  entities.

to be continued....

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Accept religion on its own merits


Practical  steps  to  spirituality-  section  3  -part 48

Religion  -part 6

                          Swami   Rama  Tirtha   said   accept  a  religion  only  on  its  own  merits. . Do  not  accept  a  religion   just  because  it  happens  to be  the  oldest, the most  ancient. ,  sometimes  old  ones  have  to be  pulled  down. . At the  same  time  do  not  accept   a  religion   just  because  it  is the  latest.,  for it has  not  stood  the  test  of  time. . Do not  accept  a  religion  just  because   it  is  believed  by a  vast  majority  of  mankind. .. The  vast  majority  believe  in  Satan  ,  in  the  religion  of  ignorance. . Neither    go   to the  extreme  of   believing  in  a  religion   which  is  believed  by  a  chosen  few. . Sometimes  the  chosen  few  are  misled  and  are  in  darkness.

                        Do  not  accept  a  religion  because  it  comes  from    an  ascetic. ,  for  we  know  of  ascetics , who  for  all practical  purposes  seem  to  have  renounced  the  world,  are  very  much  fanatical about   their  belief  systems.  Do not  accept  a  religion    because  it  comes  from  a  person  of  high  character   for  sometimes  they  have  also  failed  to  arrive  at  the  truth.  and  giving  out  the  truth  to  their  followers.

                     Accept  a  religion   only  on  its  own  merits. . Examine  the  main  teachings  for  yourself. . Do  not  sell  your  liberty  to  Buddha,  Christ    Mohammed  ,or  Krishna . . They  lived  in  different  times  ,  and  it  was  good  for  them. . Be  a   free   man   and  be  free  to  look  at   everything  from  your  own  light.  What  your  ancestors  believed  was  good  for  them .  Your  salvation  is  your  business. . Examine  whatever  comes  to  you. . and   accept only   that   which   is  logical  and  reasonable  . Truth  is  not  anybody's  property.   It  belongs  to  all. . It  is  not  the  property  of  only  the  great  masters.

               With this  , the discussion  on  religion  is  over. A new  topic  will be  taken  for  discussion  tomorrow.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Three stages to reach God


Practical  steps  to  spirituality-  section  3  part  47

Religion  -part  5

                   There  are  three  stages  to  reach  God.   The  first  stage  is    TASSYAI   VAHAM  -"  I  am  His."  as  if  God  is    somewhere  far  away   from  you  . .  God   is  in  the  third  person. He  is  far away  in  the  heavens. . The   second  stage  is   TAVAI  VAHAM  , "  I am  thine "(  yours ).  as  if  God  is  in  front  of  you. . God  is  in  the  second  person. . Here   also  God  is   still  far away  from  you  . The  teacher  while   giving  him   this   knowledge  of  the  sastras  , tells  the  student,  That   Thou  Art. ,  Tat tvam  asi. .  The  third  stage  is  reached    when  a  bhakta  says   TWAME  VAHAM  ,   " .  I   am  thou " . There  is  no  separation  here  between  God  and  the  devotee. . God  is  in  the  first  person. . I am  related  to  God  as  myself. . When  the  student  experiences  his  oneness  with  God  , he  declares  ,  I am  that  ,  Aham  Brahma  asmi

                  How  to  grow  from  the  first  stage  to  the  second  and  finally  to  the  third  stage  ? Spiritual  development  comes   out  through   living  a  religious  life  . and  religion  is  that  which  comes  out  from  within  automatically. . In  the  first  stage  a  bhakta  considers  himself  to  be  a  servant  of  God. . Sastras  advice  such  devotees  to  read   the  Puranas  if  one  is  a  Hindu  , if  one  is  a  Christian , one  could  read  the  Bible. . This  will strengthen  his  mind. ,  he  should  visit  temples,  churches  or  mosques., as  per  his  religious  belief.

                  In  the  second  stage  ,  a  devotee  is  asked  to  read  the   Narada  bhakti  sutra,   and   the  Ramayana  , specially  the  episodes  where  Rama  is  separated  from  Sita. . He  must  join  sat sangs  and  bhajans. .  In  the  third  stage  ,  he  is  advised  to  read   Yoga  Vashishta  . . He  is  also  asked  to  contemplate  on  what  he  reads. . He  is  asked  to  read  the  Upanishads  and  the  Bhagavad  Gita.  with  patience  and  perseverance   and  prepare  his  mind  for  the  final  merger  with  God..

to be  continued.....

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Divine love


Practical steps  to  spirituality-  section  3  -part  46

Religion  -part 4 

                         It  is   said  that   great  saints  like   Chaitanya  Mahaprabhu,    Saint  Thyagaraja  ,  Meera  Bai,  Saint  Tukaram  ,  Saint  Tulsidas   The  Alwars  and  many  such  saints   lost   themselves  completely   in  Divine  love. . The  gopikas  of  Brindavan  lost  themselves  in  Divine  ecstasy  at  the  mere mention  of  Lord  Krishna's  name  , not  to  mention  their  experience  in  being  with  Him. . For  the  gopikas  , only  Krishna  existed  , they  left  their  families  to be  with  Him. . In  the  wonderful  experiences  of  these  saints  , we  can  say  that  love   is  identical  with  religion.  .

                        It  is    a  freedom  from  duality  . There  is  only   a  feeling  of  oneness  with  the  Divine. The  questions  of  who I  am  ,  from  where  I  came  ,  What  is  the  purpose  of  my  life  ,  all these  questions  lose   their  significance   as  there  is  no  division  of  the  subject  and  object,  between  the  bhakta  and  his  God. . Both  the  questioner  and  the   objects  questioned    dissolve.   

                        A man  who  gets   a  glimpse  of   such  realization  , stands  above  fear and   anxiety,  . Unshakable  strength    of  character   is  the   necessary   outcome  of  this  state  of  realization   or  reaching  such  a  state  in  religious  experience. For  us  ordinary  mortals,  it  is  even  so  difficult  to  imagine   that  such  realized  souls  existed   and  walked  on  this  earth. Our  salutations  to  such  great  masters.

to be  continued.....



Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Total merger


Practical steps  to spirituality section  3  - part 45

Religion  - part  3

                         In  the  true  religious  experience  , there  is  no  differentiation  between  the  subject  and  object. . There  is  total  merger. . In  this  wonderful  experience  , there is  no  ego , the  little  self  ,the  ego  loses itself  ,  the  mind  stops  functioning ,  everything   gets  merged  with  the  unknowable. . 

                        It  is  then  that  the  secrets  of  nature   are  unfolded. . All  great  inventions  and  discoveries   are  the   natural  outcome   of  a  transcendental   yoga  or  religion. . The  little  self  is  lost  in  this  merger. . As  long  as  the  little  self  or  ego  is  there  , one  could  possibly  not  be  able   to  discover  or  invent  anything. , nor  could  a  poetry  or  a  music  or  any  piece  of  art  be  created.

                      When  a  Darwin,  a   Newton,   or  Einstein    finds out   a  new  theory  ,  if  he  has  the  sense  of  "  I  am  the  doer "  , then  he   could  not  succeed   in  bringing  forth   his  theories. .  Beethovan  and Mozart   lost  themselves  in  creating  music. . Shakespeare  lost  himself  while  writing  the  plays. . All  these  people  lost  themselves   in  total  merger  of  their  little  self  with  the  higher  Self. . We  might  say  this   is  truly   a  religious  experience. A soldier  fighting  in  the  battle  field  is  fighting  for  a  bigger  cause  than  his  small ego,  he  is  fighting  to  defend  the  country.   At  these  times  there  is  no  sense  of   the  little  i  .  and  so  he  is  able  to  accomplish  great  things.

to be  continued.....


Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Every religion has three aspects

                 HARI  OM  

Practical steps  to spirituality- section  -3- part  44      

Religion - part 2     

                        Every religion  has three aspects. - philosophy,  mythology  and  rituals. No  religion  can  stand  without  philosophy. . In  order    that  religion  can  appeal   to the  learned  , it must   have  a  philosophy,     in  order  that  it  can  create an  interest  in  the  emotional  type  of  people,it  must  have  mythology,  and  in order  that  the  common people  get to have  an  interest  in religion  ,it must  have   a  ritual.

                       If  we  see  the  Hindu  religion , we  find  the  vedas  are  divided  into   two parts  -the  karma  kanda  and  the  gnana  kanda, . The  ritualistic  portions  are  dealt  with  in the  karma  kanda,  , and  the  last  portions  of the  vedas  called  vedanta  , also known  as  gnana  kanda  , upanishads  , deal  with  the   philosophical  portions  , with  knowledge. . The  puranas  and  itihasas  deal  with   the  mythological   portions   and  talk  about  the   incarnations  of  the  various   gods  and  goddesses   in to the  world   and  stories  related  to them.  .

                       Many  people  think  that  religion  means  only  the  ritualistic  portions . Any  person  visiting temples, doing  daily  worship  of an  idol, going  on  pilgrimages  are   usually  considered  as  being  religious. . Religion  has  a  bigger  connotation   than  just  performing  rituals. . A truly  religious  person  understands   that  he  must  know   who   he is, his  relationship  to  God  and  to the  world,  his  purpose  in life  etc. . In  fact  the  philosophical  portions  deal  with  these  aspects   of  man;s  relation with God,  with the  world. etc. . The  three yogas  ,  karma yoga,  bhakti  yoga  and  gnana  yoga  cover   all aspects  of  a  man's  religious  life.  

to be  continued.....     

Monday, 23 April 2012



Practical steps  to spirituality-  section  3 - part  43

Religion  -part  -1

                   Generally,    what  the  term  religion  means  to a  common  man  is  ,it is used to describe  an organized  group following certain  dogmas   or some specific  teaching. For a man  on  the  street  ,  understands   being  religious as  going to the temple, going on pilgrimages,  doing daily  worship of the  lord etc. Let  us  see  the  deeper  meaning   from  the  philosophical  point  of  view. The  term  religion  is  derived  from  the  Latin words  re- back   ,ligare -  to  bind. - that  which  binds  to the  source. . In  Sanskrit  the  term  yoga  means   to unite  with  the  Self. . We  know  the  term  yoga  is  being  used  to  convey  physical  exercises, asanas  ,  and  many  other things except  what it  really  means.

                   In  the  Kena  upanishad  , a  student  asks  the  teacher, "  by  whom  willed and  directed  does  the  mind  alight  on  objects?  What  is  it  , at whose  decree  , as it were,  the  mind  thinks, the  eyes  see, the  ears hear, ?"  It  is  Brahman  that  is  the  source  of  everything  and  getting  back  to that  source  is  religion. . The  guru  answers,  " It  is   Brahman  that  makes  the mind   think,  the  eyes see , the  ears  hear .. Brahman  is  the  subject,  the  perceiver, , it  can  never  be  the  object  of  our  perception. ". Religion  is  a  mysterious   process  by  which  the  mind   or  intellect  reaches  back and  loses   itself   in  that  source.

                      A devout  Muslim  or  a  Christian   ,while  offering   prayers  , holds  his  hands    aloft,   to signify  that   the  Reality  is   above,   beyond  him. Contrast  this  with  a  Hindu  devotee  . With  great  difficulty  he  makes  a  trip  to  Vaishno  Devi  mandir , or  to   Tirupati  Balaji  mandir  and  stands   in  the  queue   for  hours   and  when  his  turn  comes   for  darshan  of  the  Lord , when  he  is  in front of  the  idol,  he  closes  his  eyes , to indicate  that  Reality  is  within  him  only.

to be  continued.....

Sunday, 22 April 2012

spirituality and religion


Practical  steps  to  spirituality-  section  3 -part  42

 Spirituality-  part 3

                   Generally  , we  use  the  word  religion  to mean   an  organized  group . This  group  has  a  mission  of presenting   certain  doctrines   and  specific teachings  . One  may  be  deeply  religious  yet not  spiritual,  one  may  not  be  religious  but  spiritual. . . Spirituality  is  beyond  all religions  ,  yet  it contains  all religions  . Spirituality  is  beyond  all sciences  but  yet  it   contains  all sciences. Spirituality  is  beyond  all philosophies  but  yet  it  may  contain  all the  philosophies.

                  As  one  grows  more  spiritual,  he  respects  all religions . He  has no  quarrel  with  any  religious  beliefs . . He  does not  try  to  control others   or  change  their  belief  systems. . It  need  not  be  that   he has  to  agree  with  all the  main   doctrines   expressed  in  any  religion. . He  follows  his  own  beliefs  and  allows  others  to pursue  their  own path. . He  knows  all roads  lead  to  Rome. , to the  same  destination.

                Spirituality  encompasses   everything   that  may  not  be  directly   seen  by  the  senses.  and  are  known  by   mere  reason. . Humans  are  composed  of  spirit  and  matter  .  In  being  a  spiritual  man,  he  understands   the  ephemeral  nature  of  matter  ,   his  body, mind  and  intellect. . He  understands   the  spirit  as  the  underlying  truth  ,  the  changeless  substratum  for  all the  changing  phenomena. . He  knows  the  Self  as  the   changeless  factor   beyond  all the  material  equipments.  . He  sees  God  everywhere  . He  is  connected  with  everyone  through  love. . He  knows   we  are  all equal  , yet  different   ,  each  being  a  unique  expression  of the  Divine.

             The  discussion  on spirituality  is  over. A new topic will be  taken for discussion  in tomorrow's page.

What is spirituality ?


Practical steps to spirituality  - section 3  - part 41

Spirituality-  part 2 

                          Spirituality  may  refer  to  an   ultimate  reality  , an  inner  path  ,  helping   you   to  rediscover  the   essence  of   your   life,   your   true  nature. Spiritual  practices   may  include  meditation , prayer, contemplation  etc. A spiritual  experience  may  be  one  that  connects   you   with  a  larger  reality  ,  with  individuals,  community,  nature  ,  cosmos   or  with  the  Divine  realm. 

                          Spiritualists  say    you  are  greater   and  more  powerful  than   what  you  ever  imagined  yourself  to be. . You  understand  a  divine  light  exists  within  you, ,  you  also  understand  that  the  same  divine  light  exists  within  everyone  as  well. . In  the  spiritual  journey ,   you    allow  yourself  to be  filled  with    joy  , happiness  , peace   and  wisdom .. Vedanta  declares  that " THAT   THOU  ART,    thath  thvam  asi    and   when  a  spiritual  seeker  experiences  that  Divine  , he  declares  "  I AM  THAT  "    aham  brahma  asmi.

                       First  , you  try  to  improve  yourself  , give  up your  shortcomings,  you  try  to  improve  your  own  vision  of  yourself  then  that  of  the  world. . Spirituality  rotates  more  to  your  personal  search  ,  to  finding   more  meaning  and  purpose  in  your  own  life. ,  in  your  own  existence. .  Looking  beyond  the   mere  appearances   into  the  deeper  significance   of  each  and  everything  you  contact  ,  you  develop   love  and  respect  for  God. , love  and  respect  for   everything ,  love and  respect  for  everyone   and  most  importantly  love  and  respect  for  yourself. . You  become  selfless  and  consider  yourself  as  part  of  the  Divine.. You  understand  that  the  only  mission  in  your  life  is  to know   your  Self  and  be  liberated.

       to be  continued.......... 


Friday, 20 April 2012

Who is a spiritual person ?


Practical steps  to spirituality-  section 3 -part 41

Spirituality- part 1 

                         A truly  spiritual  person,   whom  Lord  Krishna  calls  as  stitha pragya   in the  second chapter of  the  Bhagavad Gita  , is  one  in whom   all  selfish  desires  of the  mind  are  nullified,  completely  given up. . There  is  no desire  to  achieve  anything  more in life. . Such a person  is  peaceful  within, knows  what  to do and  what  not  to  do. . He  is  completely  contended with  himself.

                           From  the  common  man's  perspective  , a spiritual  person  is  one  who is  interacting  with the  world, relating  to near and  dear  ones  with  complete  peace  and  harmony, he  is  dynamically  active  in the  world. . A truly  spiritual  person  does  not  hurt  anyone  nor  does he  allow  the  world  to  hurt  him. . He is  in perfect  control  of  his  life. . He  is  the  kartha  of his life.  He  does  not  depend   on an  external  power  , a  God  outside  him to take  care  of  him.

                           When  a  spiritual  person  who has  realized  his  Self  , says  " I  am   that  Brahman" , he  has   experienced  his  oneness with  that  absolute  reality. and  that he is a part of that  Divine.  There is  no  ego in  him. . An atheist   says,"  I only  exist  " and there is  ego in this  statement  because   he does  not accept  any higher power  other  than himself. A spiritual person  is    selfless  and   peaceful .  and  contented with everything in his life.

to be  continued.....


Thursday, 19 April 2012

Isavasya Upanishad and the Gita


Practical  steps  to  spirituality-  section  3 - part 40

Vedanta  and quantum  physics - part 4 

                               The  Isavasya  Upanishad  opens   with the  following  statement  :"  All  this , whatever  exists   in this   universe,  is  pervaded  by  God "  The  santipata  , the  peace  invocation  of  the  Isavasya  upanishad   says  "  THAT  (  pure  consciousness  )  is  fully  perfect  ,  THIS  (  the  manifest  universe   of  matter  with  names  and  forms  )  is  fully  perfect. . THIS    fulness  has  been  projected   from  THAT  . When   THIS   fulness  merges   in   THAT  fulness  , all   that  remains  is  fulness. . Quantum  physics  agrees in the  interplay  of  consciousness  with the   physical world.

                            In    the  Bhagavad  Gita   chapter 13  verse  16  Lord  Krishna  says  "  without  and within  beings  , the  unmoving  and the  moving, , that  is  incomprehensible  due to its   subtlety   and that  is  far  and  near. ". Brahman  exists  within  beings   as well as outside them . Brahman exists  everywhere. ,so it is said   to be  far yet  near.  . The  unmanifest  Brahman  never moves  while  its   manifestation  moves. . Even  the  intellect ,  the  subtlest  equipment,  cannot  conceive  of   Brahman. .

                          In  the   same  chapter  , chapter 13, in the  next verse  , that is  , verse  17, Lord  Krishna  says, " Undivided   and  yet  existing  as if  divided   in  beings,  and  that  which  is  to be known  as the  sustainer  of  beings,  destroyer  and  creator." . Brahman is like  the   sun  above  appearing   divided in the  countless  images. reflected  below. . Brahman is one  . Its  manifestations  are many. . The  indivisible  Brahman  appears  as though  to lose  its   changeless nature  in this  changing world. . The  whole  creation  is an  expression  of creation ,  sustenance  and  destruction , symbolized  in  Hinduism  as  Brahma, Vishnu, and  Shiva, the  trinity. . Brahman is   the  substratum  of the whole  universe.

                          In  conclusion  ,it may  be  pointed  out  that  we saw in  previous  pages  that science proves  the  universal  brotherhood  of  men. . The  Bell's theorem  takes  one  step  forward   to prove  the  inter connectivity   of human   consciousness   and the observed world.  All this  amounts to saying  that we are  one.

                      With this,  the discussion  on  Vedanta  and  quantum physics  is  over and a new topic will be  taken for  discussion  tomorrow.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

macrocosm and microcosm


Practical  steps  to spirituality-  section  3 - part 39

Vedanta  and  quantum  physics  - part 3 

                              Physicists   say  that   a  small part  of  the  universe  contains  all the  information  present  in  the  entire  cosmos   itself. . It  is  similar  to a  giant  oak  tree  producing  acorn (the fruit of the  oak tree.) that  contains  all  the  information  to  replicate  itself. . The  DNA   and  RNA  contain  all the  information  of  a  human  being  to replicate  itself..  The  information  of  the  entire  universe  is  contained  in  each  of its  parts. What  is  contained  in  the  macrocosm  is  in the  microcosm.

                               We  all have  roots   in  the  universe. . Conscious  mental  activity  exerts  measurable  effects  in  the  physical  world. .  Mind  exerts  its  influence   in  the  health  and  disease  of the  body. . The  findings  of  the  quantum  physicists   point  insistently  to  a  profound    interaction   between  conscious   mental  activity  and  the physical  world. . The  rishi's  vision   of  the  world  was  one  in  which   man  participates   in  a  world  , which  looks   as  if  there  are  no  connections  between  its  parts  , but  is  indivisibly  united  with  the  universe  around  him.

                             There  is  only  one  way  to  be  part  of   this  universe   and  that  is  through  reverence  ,  a  reverence  born  out of  the  feelings  of  oneness   with   all others  and  with  all matter. . Realize  that   underlying  every   living  creature  and  also  material   things  there is  only  one  power  . You  may  call it  God,  Brahman  or  Self

to be  continued.....     

implications of the Bell's theorem


Practical steps  to spirituality-  section 3 -part 38

Vedanta  and  quantum  physics - part 2

                            Implications  of  the  Bell's theorem  are   unimaginable. Its effects  are  enormous. . Mathematics  and  experimentation  have  taken us   where our   logical  minds  cannot  go. . Imagine  two  particles,  once  in  contact   get   separated   even  to  the  ends  of  this  universe ,  change  simultaneously  when   in  one  of  them  change  occurs.

                              The  interrelation   of  the  human  consciousness   and  the  observed  world   is  obvious   from  this  theorem . . Human    consciousness  and   the  practical   world   cannot  be  regarded   as  distinct  and  separate. entities. . What  we  call  the  physical  reality,  the  external  world   is  shaped  to  some  extent   by  human  thought.

                             The  lesson  is  clear  . We  cannot   separate  our  existence   from  that  of  the  external  world  ,  the  world  outside.  We  are    intimately  connected  ,  associated  with    not  only     the  earth  we  inhabit   but  with  the  farthest   reaches  of  the  cosmos. . So  the  Bell's  theorem  proves  that  we are   closely  connected  to everything  in  this  universe. . All this  will  amount  to saying   that    after all  we are all one.. 

to be  continued.......

Monday, 16 April 2012

Vedanta and quantum physics


Practical  steps  to  spirituality-  section 3  part  - 37

Vedanta  and  quantum  physics  : part 1

                                 The  basic  oneness    of  the  universe  is  not  only  the  central theme  of    Vedanta  , but  it  is  one of the most  important  revelations  of modern   physics. . Quantum   physicist  Prof. Henry  Stapp says   that  the  most   important  discovery  in  the  history  of  science  is  the  Bell's  theorem (  a  theorem  is a  scientific  and mathematical  rule  or  proposition  that  can be  proved  by reasoning.)

                                 The  Bell's  theorem  was  first  proposed  in  1964  by   John  S. Bell and  was  first  confirmed   by experiments   in 1972  by  Prof. Berkeley  . Albert   Einstein   agreed  in  principle  what  the  theorem  was trying  to prove.

                               Einstein  proposed  through a  flawless   mathematical   reasoning  that   if  the  quantum theory  were  correct ,  then  a  change  in   the  spirit  of  one  particle  in  a  two particle system would affect   its twin  simultaneously  even   if the  two had  been  widely  separated in  the  meantime. .

to be continued.....

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Atman pervades everything


Practical steps  to  spirituality- section 3 -part 36

Universal  brotherhood  of  men  part -7

                            Let  us  see what  Vedanta  tells  us  on this  subject  of brotherhood of men. . Vedanta  tells  us  that  all the relationships  we have  are  only  temporary. . . We  are related to someone  in this life time   as father, friend ,  etc. . So and so is my  son,  so and so is  my husband  is how we are relating to others. . We  could have  been  related  to them in a  different way in our past life  and  may be  related to them in a different way in future lives.

                           Even  in the present  life  twins  born to the  same parents  , migrate to two  different countries  ,it might be  that they do  not  meet again in this life time. . The only possible explanation that can be given  is they  have    spiritual   relations  in those countries. . So do not  confine   brotherhood  to your  own  brothers and  sisters. . All are your real Self. . 

                           It  is  the  Atman  that pervades over my  whole  body. . That  same  Atman  pervades  all other bodies  , all other beings also. . The  law of  continuity    runs  through   all the  particles  of  your  body. . The  same  Atman  runs  through the particles  of  all the bodies . The  whole  universe is  a  single  indivisible  body. . The  Self  of  the  highest  angel or  the  Self  of  the most  insignificant  worm  are  the  same. . From the  stand  point  of  Atman  you are all one. . Feel  this  oneness  between  all the  living  beings  , and  in fact  the  whole  world  is  your  brother. . When  you  realize this, you have  no more  misery or  suffering  .

                     With this  the discussion  on universal brotherhood  of men is over. A new  topic would be taken for discussion  in tomorrow's page.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

how is a Shakespeare or a Napoleon created ?


Practical  steps  to spirituality-  section 3  - part 35

Universal brotherhood of men  - part  6

                    In  the  pages  of  History  ,we  find some  interesting  facts  .  When  after a reign of  terror ,people want  to get rid of  mob rule,  they  wish for a  strong man   who would  control the mob   and keep them  in  check . Under such  circumstances  , when  the  thoughts  and wishes  of  thousands  of  people    accumulate  , it  creates  a  Napoleon .

                    Similarly  , when we need   a  Shakespeare , we find that  he  is  created. .People  wish  good  literature  and   the law  of chemical  affinity  assemble  in one   body  and there you have  a   Shakespeare   So you see  that  a  Shakespeare  and  a  Napoleon  are  your own   creation  Your  thoughts  and  emotions  become  their  thoughts  and  emotions. . Thus  we are  one  in the  psychological level. The  kind of  soap operas  we see  in our television channels  are a reflection  of our need   for  such programs

                      There  are three states  of  consciousness  , they are  : waking state,  dream state  and  deep sleep  state. . We  have  seen  in the  waking state  , on the physical and  emotional plane we are one. . Dream  state  is   just a   repetition  of what we are in our waking state . So we may say that  we are one in our dream state.  also  as  our  minds and  feelings  are the   same  in the dream   state as in the waking state. In  the  deep sleep  state  ,  every one  is  the  same  whether  rich or poor, healthy or sick. Every one  passes  through a  state  of  blankness  in the  deep  sleep  state and as soon as one wakes up one  says  , "I did  not  feel anything in my sleep  , I  had a sound sleep." So we are  one in our deep sleep state  also.

to be continued.....

Friday, 13 April 2012

culprits and criminals , how are they produced ?


Practical steps to spirituality-  section 3 - part 34

Universal   brotherhood  of men : -part 5

                         An  interesting  question  now is :  how are  criminals  and culprits  produced  in the  world.? Well  let us  take  one  simple  example. . One  strong  man     insults  and hurts  another man. . The  second man is  not  strong enough  to  retaliate. . He  sends  thoughts of  hatred  to the  first man . This  first  man  who is  strong  goes  on  hurting and  insulting  twenty  others . All of  them are  weak and  so they  just   mentally  send  hate  feelings  to him . 

                          Finally   a  time  comes  when  the  first  strong  man  meets  an equally  strong  man whom he  hurts . This  twenty first  man   now  gets  so enraged  that   he  takes out his  gun and  shoots  the  first   strong  man.   .His  act  becomes  out  of  proportion   to the  hurt he  has  received . Vedanta  explains  this  as  follows:  all the   bad  thoughts  of  hatred ,  from  the  twenty people  who were hurt and  insulted  by the  first man , became  so  powerful   as  to  arouse  one  man  equally  strong   to give a death blow  to the  first man. . The  first  strong  man  is  killed  and   the one  that  gave  the  death blow  is  arrested.

                          Vedanta  says   do  not  send  forth   even   evil  thoughts . All the  others  who did  not  commit  the   murder are   equally  to be blamed   for  sending  forth   thoughts of  hatred  to the  first man. . The  collective  thoughts  of  hatred  resulted  in  the  murder. . On  the  other  hand  when  positive  thoughts  and  good  wishes  are  sent  collectively  to someone, they  create  positive  vibrations  resulting  in  good  things  happening. . Keep a  check on  all the  thoughts you entertain  in your  mind. because  your thoughts  will have  far reaching effects  on anyone . This  is  because  we are  connected to one another   at the  emotional level

to be  continued......

We are one in the psychological plane


Practical steps to spirituality- section 3 part 33

Universal brotherhood of men - part - 4

                          All the religions  teach the  oneness of  all  living beings. . We  have seen  that  there is  one power  that  makes  everything  work  in our physical  bodies. There  is  one power that  governs  all the  bodies at the physical level. .  To day we will see how  we are connected  emotionally also to one another.

                           When  you begin  to feel  sad, , your  neighbour  is  touched immediately. , if  you are happy, you find that others are also happy. . An actor  on a  stage  ,  in one  of the  sad  scenes,  if he  cries  , then  the  whole  audience  is  also moved  to tears. . Even if  they  know  that  it is  only a  drama  being enacted on   stage, there is  something within  them  that  makes   them  shed tears along with the actor on stage. , even if know     that the actor is just acting  .

                            Science says  that all this  fellow feelings are not possible if all our minds  were not one. .. Science  tells  us if one body  is  to act upon another  body   there must be a continuity  between the two. . The  feelings of one  man are transmitted  to another man. . This  could not have  been  possible  if   the  heart  of one was not  connected  to another  emotionally, or you may say at the   psychological level. We  see that  when one  person laughs  , others   in the group spontaneously   burst  into laughter even if they do not   know the cause of  the laughter.

                           Two  massive  earthquakes  triggered  back to back   tsunami   warnings for  Indonesia  and south east  Asian   neighbors.  on  11th April  2012.  .. In  2004   the tsunami waves  killed  2.3 lakh people in  14 countries.  Asian countries were panic stricken  on this Wednesday afternoon   about the danger of facing yet another tsunami again. in their lives.  . The  whole world  prayed  in  silence . The  collective prayers were answered  when the tsunami alert was withdrawn after 2 hours and  also that  even the  massive  earthquake  did not bring any  major  destruction to life and property.

to be continued.....


Wednesday, 11 April 2012

one power governs all


Practical steps to spirituality- section 3  -part 32

Universal brotherhood of men   part 3

                            We  are at present  seeing how  science  proves that  we are all physically  one. . Science  also proves the fact that our skin gives out microscopic  live particles. .  They are not only giving out  to others but similar particles  are entering  our bodies  also. from others. There is a continual exchange going on in this world. . A man who is sick passes on his germs to others infecting others. and making them sick. Vedanta  says  he has no right to fall sick.  because if he is sick he is bound to spread it to others. . So Vedanta  asks us  to be careful of what we eat and  drink. This then becomes a social responsibility.

                              Physicians  point out that after seven years , the  body of a man   undergoes complete change. , every cell in his body is replaced by new ones. . Seven years ago what was your body will become the body of some other living being. . So the body you feel as yours   actually  belongs to one and all. 

                              Your blood  flows, your hair  grows. What  is it that makes  the  blood  flow in your veins and the hair grow ?. It  is  the  same  power that  makes  the blood  flow in the veins  of  all others , that makes  the  blood  flow  in your veins  too. . It  is  the  same  power that digests the food   others eat as well as the  food  that you eat gets   digested. . There is  only one power that   governs   all the  bodies. . So feel  and  realize the fact that  underlying everything  there is only one power.

to be continued.....

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

You are physically one


Practical steps to spirituality. - section 3- part 32 

Universal  brotherhood  of  men  -part 2

             Science  tells  us  that  all physical  bodies  are  one. . Now  the  question  can be  asked  as to how  all the   bodies  be  one at the  physical level? . There  are  ripples  and  waves  of  different   sizes at   different  places  in  the  ocean , but  all of  them   are  one  and  the  same  water  of the  same ocean. . The  one  wave that  fades away  here   arises at  a  different  place  in the same  ocean. . There is  no difference  between waves. .

             Similar is  the  case  with   your  material  bodies . The  matter  that  forms   the  physical  body  of  yours  becomes  the  body  of another  in your own life  time. . Respiration  will prove  this   fact. You  take  in  oxygen  and  give  out  carbon dioxide   and  this  carbon-dioxide  is  taken in by  plants  and  they  give out  oxygen which  you  inhale.  and  which  others too inhale. . So  you are very much  related to the  plants. as  brothers   as  your  breath passes on to them  and  theirs into you.

              So  we  see  others  also  breathe   the  same  air  that you  gave out which was  absorbed by the plants  and  given   out  now   as  oxygen  is  taken in by  other people  . So  we   humans are  connected  to one  another . . You  eat  fruits  and  vegetables   and  when  you excrete  them  ,they  are  absorbed  by  plants and  trees  as  manure , and  fresh  vegetables  and  fruits  grow   in the plants and  trees  which are now eaten by  others. . So the  matter  that  was  yours becomes  others  now  . So you are physically  connected with everything in the universe

to be  continued.....

universal brotherhood of men


Practical  steps  to spirituality- section 3 - part   31

Universal   brotherhood  of  men  -part 1 

                   Swami   Vivekananda   addressed   the  gathering in  the  parliament of  religions  held at  Chicago.  as   " Sisters  and brothers  of America." . The  audience   was speechless . He  was  given a  standing  ovation ,  A  few  minutes  of  complete  silence  was  followed  by a  thunderous   applause . All  the  other  speakers  spoke  only  as  representatives  of  their  own  religion. It was  the   first time  they had  heard   a speaker  address a  gathering as  sisters and  brothers. . Swami  Rama  Tirtha   who  visited  many  countries  to  give  lectures  on   Vedanta, would always  address  the  gathering  as "  my  own  Self  in the  form  of  ladies  and  gentlemen" . Theosophy   also  believes  in the  brotherhood  of  men.

                      In  the  coming   pages  we    will try  to  prove   that  all of  you are one -  physically,  psychologically, and  spiritually. . All the  great  masters  in  every  religion  believed  in  the  universal  brotherhood  of  men. . They  all had  one  thing  to say  that  the  sufferings  and  miseries  in  the  world   are   only  because   you  violate   the  most  sacred  law-  the  brotherhood of  men -  the  oneness of  each  and all .

                   It  is  only  the  fanatics in each religion  who   tried  to preach divisiveness.  and  created  disharmony  among  people.  The  present  day  politicians    in  India  are  playing a divide and rule  policy , trying to divide people on the basis of  gender, caste , creed and religion  for their vote banks.

to be  continued.....

Sunday, 8 April 2012

ignorance of Self cause of anger.


Practical steps to spirituality- section 3 part 30

Anger  management- part 7

                  Swami   Rama  Thirtha  , one  of the  greatest saints India  had   ever produced ,  says  that anger   looks like  a universal   phenomenon. . We   see even  children  showing  anger . We  see  countries   angry with one another. . There is  so much  bloodshed   between  people, murders  are  committed   because  of   one  man's anger. Between  countries wars  are fought.  , resulting in  unnecessary  deaths  of  soldiers as well as civilians..

                 Swami  Rama  Thirtha   goes on  to explain  that  the  nature  of  the  self  is  to remain in  bliss , to remain ever  peaceful and  calm. . The  real Self, the  Atma  is  ever free. . When  out of  ignorance  of  your  real nature, of your  real Self , you  identify  with your material equipments  of  body, mind and  intellect , all your  problems  start for you in your life. . Because  of this  ignorance  of your Self, ,when you identify with your mind   body , you develop  the   qualities  of  getting angry,  you are angry  with people, angry with situations, you show  your   own  frustrations  and  failures   on others and give  vent to your anger on  anything and everything that you come across.

               Once  you   realize  that   you have  mistaken  yourself  to be   your body,  mind  , all these  negative  emotions  which also   follow  anger, like  hatred, jealousy  , greed    , all of them  will leave  you for good . You now  understand at least   in theory  that   your  nature  is  to remain in  peace and bliss  It  is  the  wrong   perspectives   and wrong  identification   with the  body,  mind  that  causes  all the  anger in your  life. . All that  is  needed is  a  shift  in your  consciousness   , from " I am  the body, mind  intellect "  to  " I  am the  Self ,  I  am  of  the  nature  of bliss" . This  shift    will create  a  sense  of well being  in you  and  now  you  will  fully  know  who you are  and   knowing your  real nature , you will not waste  your life  and energy  in getting angry over    even big  things in life.

            With  this  we  have  completed  the topic  on anger management  and  a new topic will be  taken for  discussion  tomorrow.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

change yourself


Practical steps  to spirituality-  section 3 -part  29

Anger  management- part - 6

                           Anger  is  the  result  of  a  reaction  one  shows  to a  given  situation or  people. It  is  an  unhealthy  response  . Vedanta  says   a  situation  or  people   or  for  that  matter  any  external   event  can  never  be   the  cause  of your  angry  response. . You have  to  change  yourself.

                           Do not  expect  others to change . . Find out your   frustrations, your   unrealistic  expectations    from  others. . Find  out a  solution  for  all your  frustrations   in life. . As far as your  expectations  from others   are  concerned , give  them up totally . You  can  be  sure  of  only    yourself . So try  to change  yourself, your  attitudes  towards others  etc. . Try  to change  yourself into a  calm , poised  and  happy  personality.  even  under  stressful  situations.

                          It  is  only  our  wrong  perspectives  and  wrong  understanding  of  people  and  situations  that  create  anger. . An  atheist  wrote  - GOD  IS  NOWHERE. ..  A child  learning  to  rearrange  words  , rearranged  the  words  as  GOD  IS  NOW   HERE .   This  made  the  atheist  realize  that  a  small shift  in his  understanding  can   change  his very outlook  in life. . Similarly  a  small shift   from  the  identification  of  the  I   with  the  body, mind, intellect   to  the  identification  of  the   I  with  the  Atman  , Self   can   change   a person  from an  angry man  to a  peaceful, calm and happy  man .

to be  continued.......

Friday, 6 April 2012

simple steps to overcome anger


Practical steps  to spirituality- section 3 part  28

Anger  management- part  5

                            A few  simple  steps  to overcome  anger: ..There is no substitute   for  forgiveness. . Forgive  and move on. Cultivate  patience while  dealing with  people and  situations. . Do  not have  any  unnecessary  or  unrealistic  expectations  from others. . Accept  people as they  are. Cut down on your desires. It is  the  non-fulfillment  of desires that is at the root of  anger. Keep a  watch  on all desires  entertained. and  eliminate the  useless ones  from your mind.

                       In a   situation where  you could   respond  angrily,  tell others calmly  that  you would  deal with the problem later and move yourself from the  given  situation. . In  spiritual terms , learn  to  speak  good   things  about  the  person or situation you are angry with. This  places you in  such  a  situation   of  praising   one  you wish to hurt back. . In  certain  situations   after you  cool down, you can  express your  anger  not  in an  antagonistic  way but   learn  to  express your  displeasure   in  a positive  way.  clearly, without  hurting  others. If you are an  angry  person  by nature, then  it  is  all the more  essential  that  you  hit the  gym or  take  to some  rigorous  physical exercises. , so that   you give  vent  to your  emotions in a  healthy way.

                      Practice  relaxation  exercises  . Pranayama,  breath control  techniques , meditation,  chanting  the  name of the lord, which we call as  nama japa, , all  of these will  help   you to remain  calm. . Find  the  one  that  is  best  suited  for you  and  do it  sincerely. . If  after all these  efforts  you find   yourself   still a very  angry  person, then  it is  time  to take  the help of a  psychiatrist. , who will find out the underlying causes and treat you for that. . Seek  help  before  anger  destroys  you.

to be continued......


Thursday, 5 April 2012

forgive and forget


Practical steps  to spirituality- section  3  part 27

Anger management-  part 4 

                     Spiritual  teachers  teach a better way  to tackle  this problem of anger. . Do not be  judgmental. Do not judge  others with your own parameters. . The  others may be  at a different level in their  understanding and  spiritual growth.  and  they may not even be aware  that their actions or words  hurt  you. . So the  best  way  is  to  forgive  and  forget. . Develop a  big heart to forgive  them for their mistakes. . Letting go  will go  a long way  in  healing your  angry  responses.  Forgive  yourself   first before  forgiving others.

                        Meditation   relaxes  and  heals the body.  . Meditation  is  surrendering  of  your will  to a  higher power , knowing fully  well  that it will resolve your anger. . By  surrendering  to  God's will , when  you say , "  Thy will be  done " , you allow  yourself  to handle  situations in a  better way. . Meditation  relaxes  the   sympathetic nervous  system  to handle  stress  in a  much better way. . As you do this , you will be   able to  accept  more in your life  and  become more  flexible in your  attitudes and  responses.  and be  better able  to forgive and  forget.

                         A small exercise  at the  end  of  the  day  before retiring to bed-   call  loudly  the  name  of  the person  who , you think, has hurt you,  and  say three times  loudly (  you should be alone in your  room ) " I  forgive  you  completely , I  have  no hurt feelings  towards  you  or  any  animosity . I  will forget  the whole  episode  as if  all this was a mere dream "

to be continued.......