Saturday, 7 April 2012

change yourself


Practical steps  to spirituality-  section 3 -part  29

Anger  management- part - 6

                           Anger  is  the  result  of  a  reaction  one  shows  to a  given  situation or  people. It  is  an  unhealthy  response  . Vedanta  says   a  situation  or  people   or  for  that  matter  any  external   event  can  never  be   the  cause  of your  angry  response. . You have  to  change  yourself.

                           Do not  expect  others to change . . Find out your   frustrations, your   unrealistic  expectations    from  others. . Find  out a  solution  for  all your  frustrations   in life. . As far as your  expectations  from others   are  concerned , give  them up totally . You  can  be  sure  of  only    yourself . So try  to change  yourself, your  attitudes  towards others  etc. . Try  to change  yourself into a  calm , poised  and  happy  personality.  even  under  stressful  situations.

                          It  is  only  our  wrong  perspectives  and  wrong  understanding  of  people  and  situations  that  create  anger. . An  atheist  wrote  - GOD  IS  NOWHERE. ..  A child  learning  to  rearrange  words  , rearranged  the  words  as  GOD  IS  NOW   HERE .   This  made  the  atheist  realize  that  a  small shift  in his  understanding  can   change  his very outlook  in life. . Similarly  a  small shift   from  the  identification  of  the  I   with  the  body, mind, intellect   to  the  identification  of  the   I  with  the  Atman  , Self   can   change   a person  from an  angry man  to a  peaceful, calm and happy  man .

to be  continued.......


  1. External situations and people can never be the real cause of your anger. , It is your wrong understanding of and wrong expectations from others that create an angry response. So change yourself.

  2. Interpreted in a nice and beautiful way. If one could understand himself and try to change, this world would be Jannat