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culprits and criminals , how are they produced ?


Practical steps to spirituality-  section 3 - part 34

Universal   brotherhood  of men : -part 5

                         An  interesting  question  now is :  how are  criminals  and culprits  produced  in the  world.? Well  let us  take  one  simple  example. . One  strong  man     insults  and hurts  another man. . The  second man is  not  strong enough  to  retaliate. . He  sends  thoughts of  hatred  to the  first man . This  first  man  who is  strong  goes  on  hurting and  insulting  twenty  others . All of  them are  weak and  so they  just   mentally  send  hate  feelings  to him . 

                          Finally   a  time  comes  when  the  first  strong  man  meets  an equally  strong  man whom he  hurts . This  twenty first  man   now  gets  so enraged  that   he  takes out his  gun and  shoots  the  first   strong  man.   .His  act  becomes  out  of  proportion   to the  hurt he  has  received . Vedanta  explains  this  as  follows:  all the   bad  thoughts  of  hatred ,  from  the  twenty people  who were hurt and  insulted  by the  first man , became  so  powerful   as  to  arouse  one  man  equally  strong   to give a death blow  to the  first man. . The  first  strong  man  is  killed  and   the one  that  gave  the  death blow  is  arrested.

                          Vedanta  says   do  not  send  forth   even   evil  thoughts . All the  others  who did  not  commit  the   murder are   equally  to be blamed   for  sending  forth   thoughts of  hatred  to the  first man. . The  collective  thoughts  of  hatred  resulted  in  the  murder. . On  the  other  hand  when  positive  thoughts  and  good  wishes  are  sent  collectively  to someone, they  create  positive  vibrations  resulting  in  good  things  happening. . Keep a  check on  all the  thoughts you entertain  in your  mind. because  your thoughts  will have  far reaching effects  on anyone . This  is  because  we are  connected to one another   at the  emotional level

to be  continued......

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  1. All evil thoughts converge in one place to create a murderer. . Do not entertain evil thoughts. Keep a check on all thoughts entertained.