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how is a Shakespeare or a Napoleon created ?


Practical  steps  to spirituality-  section 3  - part 35

Universal brotherhood of men  - part  6

                    In  the  pages  of  History  ,we  find some  interesting  facts  .  When  after a reign of  terror ,people want  to get rid of  mob rule,  they  wish for a  strong man   who would  control the mob   and keep them  in  check . Under such  circumstances  , when  the  thoughts  and wishes  of  thousands  of  people    accumulate  , it  creates  a  Napoleon .

                    Similarly  , when we need   a  Shakespeare , we find that  he  is  created. .People  wish  good  literature  and   the law  of chemical  affinity  assemble  in one   body  and there you have  a   Shakespeare   So you see  that  a  Shakespeare  and  a  Napoleon  are  your own   creation  Your  thoughts  and  emotions  become  their  thoughts  and  emotions. . Thus  we are  one  in the  psychological level. The  kind of  soap operas  we see  in our television channels  are a reflection  of our need   for  such programs

                      There  are three states  of  consciousness  , they are  : waking state,  dream state  and  deep sleep  state. . We  have  seen  in the  waking state  , on the physical and  emotional plane we are one. . Dream  state  is   just a   repetition  of what we are in our waking state . So we may say that  we are one in our dream state.  also  as  our  minds and  feelings  are the   same  in the dream   state as in the waking state. In  the  deep sleep  state  ,  every one  is  the  same  whether  rich or poor, healthy or sick. Every one  passes  through a  state  of  blankness  in the  deep  sleep  state and as soon as one wakes up one  says  , "I did  not  feel anything in my sleep  , I  had a sound sleep." So we are  one in our deep sleep state  also.

to be continued.....

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  1. Thoughts create a Napoleon because such a strong powerful man is needed to control the mob. A Shakespeare is created when he is needed by the educated masses.