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Isavasya Upanishad and the Gita


Practical  steps  to  spirituality-  section  3 - part 40

Vedanta  and quantum  physics - part 4 

                               The  Isavasya  Upanishad  opens   with the  following  statement  :"  All  this , whatever  exists   in this   universe,  is  pervaded  by  God "  The  santipata  , the  peace  invocation  of  the  Isavasya  upanishad   says  "  THAT  (  pure  consciousness  )  is  fully  perfect  ,  THIS  (  the  manifest  universe   of  matter  with  names  and  forms  )  is  fully  perfect. . THIS    fulness  has  been  projected   from  THAT  . When   THIS   fulness  merges   in   THAT  fulness  , all   that  remains  is  fulness. . Quantum  physics  agrees in the  interplay  of  consciousness  with the   physical world.

                            In    the  Bhagavad  Gita   chapter 13  verse  16  Lord  Krishna  says  "  without  and within  beings  , the  unmoving  and the  moving, , that  is  incomprehensible  due to its   subtlety   and that  is  far  and  near. ". Brahman  exists  within  beings   as well as outside them . Brahman exists  everywhere. ,so it is said   to be  far yet  near.  . The  unmanifest  Brahman  never moves  while  its   manifestation  moves. . Even  the  intellect ,  the  subtlest  equipment,  cannot  conceive  of   Brahman. .

                          In  the   same  chapter  , chapter 13, in the  next verse  , that is  , verse  17, Lord  Krishna  says, " Undivided   and  yet  existing  as if  divided   in  beings,  and  that  which  is  to be known  as the  sustainer  of  beings,  destroyer  and  creator." . Brahman is like  the   sun  above  appearing   divided in the  countless  images. reflected  below. . Brahman is one  . Its  manifestations  are many. . The  indivisible  Brahman  appears  as though  to lose  its   changeless nature  in this  changing world. . The  whole  creation  is an  expression  of creation ,  sustenance  and  destruction , symbolized  in  Hinduism  as  Brahma, Vishnu, and  Shiva, the  trinity. . Brahman is   the  substratum  of the whole  universe.

                          In  conclusion  ,it may  be  pointed  out  that  we saw in  previous  pages  that science proves  the  universal  brotherhood  of  men. . The  Bell's theorem  takes  one  step  forward   to prove  the  inter connectivity   of human   consciousness   and the observed world.  All this  amounts to saying  that we are  one.

                      With this,  the discussion  on  Vedanta  and  quantum physics  is  over and a new topic will be  taken for  discussion  tomorrow.

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  1. Everything that exists is pervaded by God. . God is the supporter of all beings and also the objective universe. We are all one indeed.