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law of abundance applies at micro level also


Practical steps to spirituality- section 3 - part  23

Life is to give and not to take -part 10

                    Even  in the  micro level   you can  see the law  works. . You  see your  prana , your breathing will prove this point  that   you  take in less and give out more. . All  pranayama  courses  have one thing in common .Your inhalation  ratio   to  exhalation  ratio is   1 : 4 . If you are asked  to inhale   1 count , you are asked to exhale  4 counts. . So   you have  to take in less and give out more.

                    So  life's  happiness  lies  in  giving  and  not  in  grabbing from others. , from society  , from  nature. . Lead a  selfless life. . Give  as much  as  you can  to  others. . At  each  moment  of   your  conscious living   think  of  how  you can  brighten   up  others' lives.

                   You  may  join a  blood  donation  camp  and  donate  blood  once  in  three months  if you are  between  the  ages  of  18 and  55. . It  may save a life. . You may pledge  your   eyes   and  when you are gone , this  act  of  charity   will  benefit  two  people   to  see the  world. through your  donated  eyes. . You  may  take  one  step  further . , in  pledging  your  body   to  be  gifted away  to a  hospital  . .Your  body  after  you are  dead and  gone  will benefit  46 people.  or  the  body  could  be  donated  for  medical and  research  purposes .  instead  of  being  cremated.

                 In  conclusion  , it may  be  pointed  out  that  there is  no  end  to  charity . Give  as  much as  you can  and  live  a  selfless  life. . The  law  of  abundance  works  at  the  micro level also. You  will be  paid  back  for  your  generosity  by  God or  call it    by any name . 

to be  continued......

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  1. what we breathe in is proportionately less than what we breathe out thus proving the point that we give more than we take. give to others in every possible way