Friday, 13 April 2012

We are one in the psychological plane


Practical steps to spirituality- section 3 part 33

Universal brotherhood of men - part - 4

                          All the religions  teach the  oneness of  all  living beings. . We  have seen  that  there is  one power  that  makes  everything  work  in our physical  bodies. There  is  one power that  governs  all the  bodies at the physical level. .  To day we will see how  we are connected  emotionally also to one another.

                           When  you begin  to feel  sad, , your  neighbour  is  touched immediately. , if  you are happy, you find that others are also happy. . An actor  on a  stage  ,  in one  of the  sad  scenes,  if he  cries  , then  the  whole  audience  is  also moved  to tears. . Even if  they  know  that  it is  only a  drama  being enacted on   stage, there is  something within  them  that  makes   them  shed tears along with the actor on stage. , even if know     that the actor is just acting  .

                            Science says  that all this  fellow feelings are not possible if all our minds  were not one. .. Science  tells  us if one body  is  to act upon another  body   there must be a continuity  between the two. . The  feelings of one  man are transmitted  to another man. . This  could not have  been  possible  if   the  heart  of one was not  connected  to another  emotionally, or you may say at the   psychological level. We  see that  when one  person laughs  , others   in the group spontaneously   burst  into laughter even if they do not   know the cause of  the laughter.

                           Two  massive  earthquakes  triggered  back to back   tsunami   warnings for  Indonesia  and south east  Asian   neighbors.  on  11th April  2012.  .. In  2004   the tsunami waves  killed  2.3 lakh people in  14 countries.  Asian countries were panic stricken  on this Wednesday afternoon   about the danger of facing yet another tsunami again. in their lives.  . The  whole world  prayed  in  silence . The  collective prayers were answered  when the tsunami alert was withdrawn after 2 hours and  also that  even the  massive  earthquake  did not bring any  major  destruction to life and property.

to be continued.....


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  1. You are one in the psychological plane. the emotions of one man affects the others.