Friday, 20 April 2012

Who is a spiritual person ?


Practical steps  to spirituality-  section 3 -part 41

Spirituality- part 1 

                         A truly  spiritual  person,   whom  Lord  Krishna  calls  as  stitha pragya   in the  second chapter of  the  Bhagavad Gita  , is  one  in whom   all  selfish  desires  of the  mind  are  nullified,  completely  given up. . There  is  no desire  to  achieve  anything  more in life. . Such a person  is  peaceful  within, knows  what  to do and  what  not  to  do. . He  is  completely  contended with  himself.

                           From  the  common  man's  perspective  , a spiritual  person  is  one  who is  interacting  with the  world, relating  to near and  dear  ones  with  complete  peace  and  harmony, he  is  dynamically  active  in the  world. . A truly  spiritual  person  does  not  hurt  anyone  nor  does he  allow  the  world  to  hurt  him. . He is  in perfect  control  of  his  life. . He  is  the  kartha  of his life.  He  does  not  depend   on an  external  power  , a  God  outside  him to take  care  of  him.

                           When  a  spiritual  person  who has  realized  his  Self  , says  " I  am   that  Brahman" , he  has   experienced  his  oneness with  that  absolute  reality. and  that he is a part of that  Divine.  There is  no  ego in  him. . An atheist   says,"  I only  exist  " and there is  ego in this  statement  because   he does  not accept  any higher power  other  than himself. A spiritual person  is    selfless  and   peaceful .  and  contented with everything in his life.

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  1. A spiritual person is peaceful within but at the same time dynamically active in the world. He has no ego. He has realized his oneness with the Divine.

  2. thanks for your comments abhilash.