Tuesday, 10 April 2012

You are physically one


Practical steps to spirituality. - section 3- part 32 

Universal  brotherhood  of  men  -part 2

             Science  tells  us  that  all physical  bodies  are  one. . Now  the  question  can be  asked  as to how  all the   bodies  be  one at the  physical level? . There  are  ripples  and  waves  of  different   sizes at   different  places  in  the  ocean , but  all of  them   are  one  and  the  same  water  of the  same ocean. . The  one  wave that  fades away  here   arises at  a  different  place  in the same  ocean. . There is  no difference  between waves. .

             Similar is  the  case  with   your  material  bodies . The  matter  that  forms   the  physical  body  of  yours  becomes  the  body  of another  in your own life  time. . Respiration  will prove  this   fact. You  take  in  oxygen  and  give  out  carbon dioxide   and  this  carbon-dioxide  is  taken in by  plants  and  they  give out  oxygen which  you  inhale.  and  which  others too inhale. . So  you are very much  related to the  plants. as  brothers   as  your  breath passes on to them  and  theirs into you.

              So  we  see  others  also  breathe   the  same  air  that you  gave out which was  absorbed by the plants  and  given   out  now   as  oxygen  is  taken in by  other people  . So  we   humans are  connected  to one  another . . You  eat  fruits  and  vegetables   and  when  you excrete  them  ,they  are  absorbed  by  plants and  trees  as  manure , and  fresh  vegetables  and  fruits  grow   in the plants and  trees  which are now eaten by  others. . So the  matter  that  was  yours becomes  others  now  . So you are physically  connected with everything in the universe

to be  continued.....

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  1. you are physically one. the matter that forms your body becomes the body of someone else in your own life time.