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the God Principle


Practical   steps  to  spirituality-  section  4  part  93 

Shrimad   Bhagawad  Gita  -  part  109 

Chapter  9  

                                   Lord  Krishna  says  the  Eternal  Principle  through  the  equipment  of  the   Total  Mind  is  the  God  Principle  -  the  Creator.  and  when  the  same  Absolute  functions  through  the  limited  individual  mind - intellect  , becomes  the  limited  individual  , the  jivatma . . In  the  case  of  the  jiva  , its  actions  leave  impressions  behind  , the  results  of  which  have  to  be borne  by  the  jiva . . All  ego centric  actions leave  impressions  on  the  vasanas,  while  those  actions  which  are  purely  selfless  do not  leave  any  impressions .

                                These  actions  do  not  bind   the  Supreme  . The  finite  acts  because  of  the  Infinite  ,  yet  the  Infinite  is  neutral  . The  Atman  merely  by  Its  presence  illumines  the  mind, intellect   and  creates   from  the  expression  of  its  vasanas   certain  experiences  through  the  organs  of  perception  and  organs  of  action.. If  the  Atman  is  the  enlivening  principle  then  how  come  It  is  not  recognized   by  the  jiva  ?  Why  does  the  jiva  still  identify  himself  with   the  matter  equipments   of  body, mind,  intellect  ? 

                             The  Lord  says  fools  , the   ordinary  ignorant  man  on  the  street  is  not  aware  of  his  higher  nature  ,  of  the  God  Principle  in  him  ,  while  the  mahatmas  worship  the  Lord   with  a  single  pointed  mind  knowing  the  Lord  as  the  Imperishable   source  of  all  beings  . . These  devotees   along  with  following  the  path  of  knowledge  worship  the  Lord  with  a  single  minded  devotion along   with  a  selfless  activity  undertaken  in  the  true  yajna  spirit  . These  devotees  have  taken  a  firm  resolve  (  dradha  vrata  )   to  reject  the  false  and  walk  the  path  of  the  Real.   

to  be  continued.....

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  1. where is god? one has to know self first, then only he can see god...

    Sariyai kriyai yogam gnanam

    How one does davam/penance/meditation? It means do nothing with mind, keep in the holy feet/thiruvadi of god in our body!!
    How guru helps with his experiance? what is guru sath sath para brahma?

    Open eye , surrender mind to holy feet in our body. Do-nothing with mind. Still the mind. Dont use it..

    Sanathana dharma

    Its about knowing self and god. India was known for this..

    Actual place of Kundalini is not at end of spine... please read this .... Hidden secrets are revealed...

    who is guru? how guru helps? in the way of siddhas

    The meaning of the word deekshai is initiation. When a human does become a real
    human being? If one gets father and mother is not human being!

    Only when he gets guru he is human! With human body, he obtains maturity in the mind, becomes a real human only after getting a gnana guru.

    More details

    God is light, soul is tiny light, one need to know self. You are not body mind, they belong to you. You are soul..
    how to know realize>? Get preaching from guru and take thiruvadi deekshai(holy feet inititaion)
    Kingdom of god is with in, get baptized by light

    More details