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cycle of progress


Practical  steps  to  spirituality-  section  6  part 18  

Cycle  of  progress  

                 We  have  seen  in  the  previous  page  how  the  cycle of  ignorance   keeps  us  in  samsara  .. Is  there  a  way  out  of  this  situation  ?   . As  long  as  we  continue  to  be  caught  in  this  cycle  of  ignorance  -  vasana- cinta -  karya  ,  we   continue  to  be  born   again  and  again   in  order  to  fulfill  our  vasanas  . This  seemingly  eternal  cycle  of  birth  and  death  goes  on  and  on  prompted  by   vasana-  cinta-  kriya. . There  appears  no  escape  once    this  wheel  of  ignorance  has  been  entered   and  one  gets  lost  in  the  mire  of  samsara  . Sastras  are  never  pessimistic  about  man's  fate   and  they  do  show  us   a  way  out  of  this  cycle  of  ignorance  . This  is  the  cycle  of  progress  ,  a  positive  version   of  the  cycle  of  ignorance ,  to  progress  along  the  spiritual  path. 

                        Take  up  a  weakness  or  tendency  that  you  would  like  to  give  up  . First  study   , in the  light  of  how  this  habit  was  initially  created   and  how  it  got  developed   in to  this  cycle  of  ignorance. . Only  you  can  change  yourself   by  positively    using  the  cycle  of  progress  . . Since  the  vasanas  are   too  subtle   to  be  dealt  with  directly  ,  you  have  to  start  with  your  actions  (  karya  )  and  thoughts  (  cinta  )  . To  help  you  overcome   some  of  your  wrong  habits  ,  you  would  do  well  to  physically   avoid  such  places  ,  situations  and  the  company  of  people   that  intensify  your  habits. . But  only  keeping  away  physically  might  lead    to  suppression  ,    you  need  to  work  with  your   thoughts  by  reasoning   with  the  mind  that  is  still  adamant  in  holding  on  to  the  wrong   tendency   and  you  have  to  provide  strong   reasons  to  the  mind   to  give  up that  tendency. . Auto - suggestion   and  counselling   can  also  help   in  lessening  the  negative  tendencies. 

                      In  this  cycle  of  progress  , you  lessen  your   negative  tendencies  by  lessening  your  negative  actions  and  thoughts  and  thereby  your  negative  vasanas  .  Satras  also  prescribe  other  methods  to  purify  the  mind  . 

to be  continued.....

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