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purity of mind


Practical  steps  to spirituality-  section  6 part  19
Methods to purify  the  mind

                    Sastras  elaborately  discuss  methods  to  purify  ourselves  of  our negative  tendencies  . A  student  of  Vedanta  understands  intellectually  that  the  happiness  we  all  seek  is  not  somewhere  outside  of  us  but  it  is  our  own  true  nature. . The  problem  with  us  is  that  we  do  have  the  knowledge  that  happiness  is  very  much  my  own  true  nature  but  I  have  the  inability  to  adhere  to  and  practice  the  knowledge  that  has  been  theoritically  gained. . We  (  the  student  of  Vedanta  )  know  that  the  Self  is  of  the  nature  of  aananda  and  yet  we  suffer. . This  is  the  result  of  the  negative  tendencies   and  their  concomitant  destructive  thought  patterns   such  as  selfishness  , greed ,  anger  and  so  on. that prevent  us  from  abiding  in the  Blissful  Self  . So  we  need  to  cleanse  our  mind  of  all  its  impurities  to  experience  this  Bliss  .

                      Whether  our  aim  is  spiritual  or  material  , purity  of  mind  is  absolutely  essential. The  quality  of  patience  is   essential  not  only for  the  spiritual  seeker   but  also  for  a  businessman  to  deal  with  his  clients  and  improve  his  business. . Sastras  prescribe  many  methods  to  purify  the  mind  , such  as  worship,  charity  ,  austerity,  japa  ,pilgrimage  and  vow  and  so  on. . Some  of  these  practices are   misunderstood  to  mean   something  else  which  it  is  not   , like  austerity  is  understood  to  mean   standing  on  one  leg   or  sleeping  on  a  bed  of  thorns. , japa  is  misunderstood  to  mean  meaningless  mechanical  repetition  of  the  Lord's  name   and  pilgrimages   stand  to mean  touring  temples. There  is  no  end  to our  wrong  thinking.

to be  continued......



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