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the three limitations


             Practical  steps  to  spirituality-  section 6  part  12

             Nature  of  bondage  - the  three  limitations   

                                 Of  the  seven  questions   asked  by  the  student  ,we  have  seen  the  answers  to  the  questions  :  what  is  anatman  ?  and  what  is  the  Paramatman  ? . The  next   question  of  the  student  is  '  ko  nama  bandhah?   what  is  bondage  ?

                                   Though  Vedanta  declares  that  the  Self  is  eternal  , pure  , ever  awakened   and  free  ,  our  experience  is  that  we  are  a  limited  finite  being  conditioned  by  space,  time  and  objects  . An  object  has  a  spatial  limitation  and  is  conditioned  by  space. ,  whereas  the  Self  is  all  pervading   and  not  limited  by  space. All  objects   have  a beginning  and  an  end   and  hence  are  impermanent   and  so  are  limited  by  time. . The  Self  is  eternal  ,  never  born  nor  does  it  die   and  will  continue  to  exist  in the  future  also. It  exists  in all  periods  of  time  :past, present  and  future. . I,   as  an  individual  ,believe   that  I  was  born  at  a  particular   time  and  will  die  at  a  particular  point  of   time. .  Human  beings  are  conditioned  by  objects  also. . The  term  object  here  includes   both  things  and  beings  . Every  finite  object  is  limited  by  every  other   finite  object   by  the  very  fact  that  they  are  different  in    their  nature  . . A human  being  is  different  from  a  tree  and  a  tree  is  different  from  all  other  trees  , each  part  of  the  tree  is  different  from  the  other. and  so  on. 

                              The  mind  perceives  three  kinds  of  differences  . The  first  of  the  differences   is  seen  between  beings  and  objects  of  the  same   species  , between  man  and  man. . The  next  difference  perceived  is  between   beings  and  objects  of  different  species  , between  man  and  tiger  . . The  third  difference  seen  is  within  an  object  or  being  , the  hand  is  different  from  the  leg  though   they  are  limbs  of  the  same  body. . Due  to  these  limitations  and  differences  ,the  individual  jiva  thinks  that  he  is  a  finite  limited  being  . 

to  be  continued......


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