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yajna or worship



Practical  steps  to spirituality- section 6 part 20

Yajna  -worship.

                    Among  the  various  methods  of  mental  purification  ,which  can  be  used  to  transform  our  lives,  are  yajna-worship,  dana- charity,  japa  -repetition  of the  Lord's  name  , tirtham- pilgrimage  , tapas  -austerity  , vrata  -vows   and    vichara - the  unique  method  of  enquiry

                     Yajna  in Vedic  times  meant  the  fire  worship, the  fire  being  kindled  and  oblations  poured  into  it ,invoking  the  blessings  of  various  deities. Ramana  Maharishi  in  his  Upadesa  Sara  says  ,"  the  best  yajna  (  worship)  of  the  Lord  is  the  service  of  the  world  itself  . Seving  the  world   with  the  attitude  of  serving  the  Lord  is  the  true   worship  of the  Lord  of  eight fold  form "
              To  look  upon  the  world  as  an  expression  of  the  Lord  is  the  highest  form  of  worship.  The  Lord  can  be  described  as  being  endowed  with   an  eight fold  form  . for  He  can  be  meditated  upon  as  being   endowed  with  eight  aspects   namely  - the  five  great  elements  (  space, air,fire  ,water  and  earth. ) ,  the  sun representing  all  the  luminaries   and  the  moon  that  of  all  planets  and  satellites   and  finally  the  jiva  or  the  individual   standing  for  all  conscious  beings  . Thus  these  constitute  all  of  creation   itself . So  to look  upon  the  world  and  all  the  creatures  as  the  Lord  and  to serve  them  is  the  highest  form  of  yajna.

                             Further  , the  worship  of  the  Lord  need not  be  restricted  to  a  specific  action performed  at a specific   time  . Every  action  performed  by  us  can  be  divinised  by  our  prayerful  attitude , by  surrendering  them  unto  the  Lord. . The  Lord  says  in the  Gita   that all  our  actions  , daily  duties ,   special  duties  ,social  obligations  or  religious  duties  , all  when  done  with  the  attitude  of  surrender   unto  the  Lord  they  become  His  worship.and that  no separate or specific  worship  is  needed  to worship  Him. The  mind with  the  help  of  the  body  and  senses ,when  remains  focused  in  the  thoughts of  the  Lord  and  through  daily  worship  and  prayers   establishes  a personal  relationship  with  the  Lord   and  this  increases  his   devotion  and  concentration  which  results  in  his  mental  purification.

to be continued.....

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