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Danam- charity


Practical  steps  to spirituality- section 6 part 21

Charity -danam 

                           Charity  , danam,  is  also  an  important  method  of  purifying  the  mind. . To  give  something  away   without  expecting  anything  in  turn   is  charity. . When  we  work    and  serve in the  world  , we  are  bound  to get  some  rewards  which  could  be  material,  intellectual  or  spiritual   and  these  rewards  can  be  shared   with  others. . Besides  money  , one  can  give  one's  time  by  giving  emotional  support  or   by  sharing  knowledge  or  simply  by  physical  help  to  others.  Charity  is  an  attempt   to  expand   and  bring into  the  ambit  of  one's  life all  others around  us  and   grow  to  consider  others  ' need  and  pain to  be  at least  as  important  as our own  personal  needs

                        Some  worship the  Lord  elaborately  in the  idols  but  cannot  see  the  Lord  as dwelling  in the  entire  creation,. . When  one  understands  that  the  Lord  alone  pervades  the  whole  universe  then  this   becomes  the  true  foundation  of  charity. Scriptures  are  full  of  stories  of  saints  who  have  given  away  everything  that  they  could  call  as  their  own  . One  such  saint  was  Eknath,  who  along  with  others  was  carrying  the  waters  of  Ganga   from   Kasi   to  worship the  Lord  at  Rameshwar. . This  was  a  pilgrimage  that  took  years  to  complete   and  the  group  had  been  walking  in the  scorching  sun  for  weeks  ,when  they  saw  a  thirsty  donkey  . Eknath  saw  the  donkey  as  the  Lord  Himself   and  gave  away  the  Ganga  water to the  donkey. . He  stood  there  coming  to terms  with  the  fact  that  his  pilgrimage  of  years  got  aborted  here but  then  a  miracle  happened  that  he  could  hear  the  Lord's  voice  confirming  that  the  donkey  was  none  other  than  the  Lord   Himself .

                          This  then  is  true  charity  . A  lot  many  people , to  get  over  their  guilt  feelings , give  away  lot amount  of  money  in  charity and  satisfy  themselves  into  believing  they  have indeed  done  great  charitable  deeds  .It  is  not  what  we give  that  really  matters   but  it  is  the  attitude  with which  it  is  given  that  really  counts  . And  whatever  we  give  in  charity  , we  must  see  that  it  reaches  the  needy  persons  and  does  not  get  misused  by  anyone.

to be continued.....

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