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japa yajna


Practical  steps to spirituality- section 6 part 23 

Japa  yajna  - repetition  of the  Lord's  name  

                                  The  Lord  says  in the  tenth chapter  of  the  Bhagavad  Gita  "   yajnanam  japa  yajnosmi  " "  I  am  japa  of  sacrifices"     says  Lord  Krishna  . Yajna  means  worship. . Satras  prescribe  various  types  of  yajnas  as  spiritual  practices  . Jnana  yajna  is  the  worship  through  the  offering  of  one's  ignorance  in  the  fire  of  knowledge. . Jnana  can  be  gained  only  by  one  who  is  intelligent  to  understand  the  scriptures  and  who  has  developed the  inner  virtues  of  viveka  and  vairagya  . . The  ritualistic   fire  yajna  can  be  performed  only  by  one  who knows  the  mantras  and  the  method   and  has  the  money  to  buy the  materials  needed  for  the  puja  . 

                            Japa  yajna  , the  repetition  of  the  Lord's  name , is  a spiritual  practice  easy  to  practice   and  is  easily  available  to  all. . It  can  be  done  by  anyone  at  anytime  ,anywhere  ,under  any  circumstance . One  can  chant  the  mantras even  when  one  is  tensed  or  in  grief  or  ill  . Japa  can  be  done  softly  ,loudly  or  mentally. It  can  be  done  mechanically  ,without  knowing  the  meaning  or  with  knowing  the  meaning   and  as  an  aid  to  meditation. . It  is  an  effective  and  powerful  spiritual  practice . Just  repeating  the  Lord's  name  can  bring  the  vision  of  the  Lord  (  ista -rupa -darsana  )   and  make  one  feel  His  presence  at  all  times  and  lead  one  to  liberation. 

                        In  this  spiritual  sadhana  , the  seeker  continuously and  consciously  repeats  the  name  of  his  ista- devata   like  Rama  ,  Krishna  , Jesus  , Allah  or  a  mantra  like  Om  Namo  Narayanaya  ,  Allah- O- Akbar.  and  so  on. . The  mind  develops  single-pointedness  -  citta  ekagrata  . When  the  seeker  chants  the  Lord's  name  , His  Divine  form  and  qualities  will  flood  the  mind  filling  the  mind  with  devotion  and  purity. . So  japa  becomes  an  effective  technique  to  purify  one's  mind as  well  as  to  develop  lasting  concentration. . All  religions  give  importance  to  japa. which  gives  both  mental  concentration  - citta  ekagrata  and  mental  purity  - citta  -suddhi. 

to be  continued......



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