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six steps to liberation


Practical  steps  to liberation  -section 6 part  26 

Six  steps  to  liberation  

                                The  spiritual  practices  such  as worship, charity  , austerity, japa  and  so  on   enable  the  seeker  to  obtain  two  prerequisites for  Self- Realisation.  namely  -citta suddhi  and  citta  ekagrata  . The  seeker  endowed  with these  qualities  alone  will  gain  direct  experience  of  the  Self  , while  others  can  get  only  an  intellectual  appreciation  of  Vedanta. 

                                The  student's  next  question  "  katham   vimoksah  ?  . "    How  does  one  attain  liberation  is  answered   by  the  Guru  in  the  Vivekacudamani  thus  :  there are six essential steps  for  attaining  liberation  . For  liberation , first  comes  the  complete  dispassion  for  all  impermanent  things  . Then  follow  sama, dama  , titiksha  and  uparama  (  shraddha  and  samadana  )  . Thereafter  comes  listening  to    and     reflection  on  what  has  been  listened  to  and  after  that  comes  long  constant  contemplation  on  the  Truth. . Ultimately  the  learned  one  attains  nirvikalpa   state   and  experiences  the  Bliss  of  liberation  in  this  very  life. 
                            The  six steps  to liberation  mentioned  in  the  above  verses   are  :1.vairagya  (  dispassion  , 2. samadi satka  sampatti  which  are :  sama  (  mind  control )  dama  ( sense  control )  , titiksha  (  forbearance  )  uparama  (  renunciation  of  selfish  actions  ,  shraddha  (  faith )  and  samadana  (  concentration  )   3. Sravana   ( listening )  4.  manana  (  reflection  )5.   dhyana  ( contemplation   ) . and  lastly  samadhi  (  meditation  )  . The  seeker  in  samadhi  state  annihilates  ignorance   and  becomes  free  from  samsara  once  and  for  all. . He  is  now  a  jivan  mukta  even  while  living. 

                      Vedanta  asserts   that  knowledge  alone  leads  to  liberation  . This  is  because  ignorance  of  the  Self  being  the  cause  of  bondage,   knowledge  of  the  Self   alone  can put an end to ignorance  . This  knowledge  by  itself  can  neither  be  clear  or  firm  if  one  does  not  have  purity  of  mind and  single pointedness  of the  intellect. 

                        A farmer went  out to sow  seeds  and  scattered  the  seeds   and  most  of  them  just fell  on waste land and hence got lost. . Only  a  few  fell  on  good  soil   and  produced  crops   twenty   thirty , sixty  times  what  was  sown  . The  sower  is  the  Guru  , the  seed  is  the  knowledge  of  Vedanta   and  the  fertile  field  is  the  pure  and  single  pointed  mind.   Is  your  field  fertile  ? 

to be  continued..... 

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