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the Ananda aspect of Paramatman


Practical  steps  to  spirituality-  section  6  part  30  

The  Ananda  aspect  of  Paramatman, 

                                  The  Self  is  of  the  nature  of   happiness  because   one  is  dear  to  oneself  at  all  times. One  may  be  sick  or  disabled   but  still  he  desires  to  become  healthy  and  live  ,even  if  he  is  in the  verge  of  death. . Even  the  thought  of  suicide  , which  is  nothing  but  the  wish  to  destroy the  body  and  mind  ,  is  entertained  because  of  the  love  of  the  Self   alone  . Only  when  there  seems  to  be  no  possible  solution  for  freedom  from  pain  , death  is  considered  as  the  only  means  to  get rid  of  pain  and  pain for sure    is  not  one's  inherent  nature  . Such  is  the  overwhelming  love  one  has  for  the  Self. 

                                 Atman  is  dear  to  all  beings  . All  others such as  the  spouse , the  child  ,  wealth, fame  and   power  and all else   that  are  desired , have  only  an  instrumental   value   and  are  desired  for  the  sake  of  the  Self  alone. . The  father  is  ready  to  renounce  even  his  dearest  son  if  he  becomes  a  source  of  unbearable  pain. . Such  is  the  absolute  love  one  has  for  the  Self. . This  love  for  the  Self  is  the  very   proof  that  It  is  of  the  nature  of  bliss. , for  who  would  love  that  which  is  painful and  sorrowful  ? 

                         If   I am of  the  nature  of  Bliss  , and  am  infinite   and  independent  of  all  factors   such  as  time,  place  objects,  birth and death , body  mind  and  intellect   and  any  other  external  factors  , why  is  it  that  I,   the  Paramatman , who is of  the  nature  of  absolute  Bliss ,  do not  experience  that  infinite  Bliss  ?   The  answer  that  Vedanta  gives  is  as  follows  :  just  as even   in spite of standing     in  front  of  the  Himalayas,if  one  does  not  look  in  the  direction  of   the  Himalayas  , then  there  is  no  scope  of  perceiving  them  ,  so  too  our  attention  is  presently  turned  towards  the  not- Self  and  the  world of  objects  . Hence  even  though  the  Paramatman  is  present  as  the  very  Self  of  the  seeker  , we  do not  come  to experience  It  . We should turn   within  and  perceive  the  Blissful  Self  within. . A great  saint  says "  I  exist  ever  , always  shine  and  never  do I  dislike  myself  . . Therefore  it  is  established  that  Brahman  which  is  of  the  nature  of  Existence,  Consciousness  and  Bliss  alone  I  am " 

to be  continued.....     

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