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the Cit aspect of Paramatman


Practical  steps to spirituality- section 6 part  28 

The  Cit  aspect  of  the  Paramatman 

                   In  the  previous  page  ,we  have  seen  the  Sat  aspect  of  the  Paramatman.   Today  ,let us  see  the  Cit  aspect  of  the  Paramatman.   Cit  is  of the  nature  of  Consciousness. . Every object  , without  exception is  known  or  capable  of  being  known   at  some  point  of  time  or the  other. . Even  the ignorance  of  an  object  is an  object  of  my  knowledge.  I  not only  know what  I know  but  I  also  know  what  I  do not  know. . . The  subject'  I'  which  knows  all  these  objects  , both the  known  or  unknown  , has  to  be  of  the  nature  of  knowledge. 
                   The  senses  , mind and  intellect  are  all  inert   as  they  are  made  of  the  subtle  aspect  of  the  five  inert  elements. . The  capacity  of  the  senses  , mind  and  intellect   to reveal  their  respective  objects  namely  sense objects,  feelings  and  thoughts  cannot  be  inherent  in  themselves  as  they  are  basically  inert. . The  object  revealing  capacity  of the  senses, mind and  intellect  is  borrowed   from  the  Paramatman. . The  Self ,  which  is  of  the  nature  of  Consciousness,  lends  sentiency   to  all  of  them  

                 The  effulgence  of  the  Self  is  present  in all  the  three  states  of  awareness  , namely  the waking, dream and  deep  sleep  states . . In  the  waking  state  one  is  aware  of  the  external  world  ,  in the  dream  state  there  is  an  awareness  of  the  inner  world  projected  by  the  mind  and  in deep  sleep  state  one  is  aware  of  the  absence  of  both. 

                  The  Self  is  known  without  the  medium  of  thoughts   because   the  Self  is  self- luminous. . Further,  only   to  know  an  object  apart  from  oneself  do we  need  the  instruments  like  eyes  to  see,  ears  to  hear  and  so  on. . To  know  oneself  , where  is  the  need  for  any  instruments  ? . This  eternal and  ever shining  Principle  of  Absolute  knowledge  is  called  Cit. . The  Self  is  known  by  the  Self  through its  own   effulgence.  

to be  continued.....

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