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Practical  steps  to spirituality- section 6 part   25

Vichara  - unique  method  of enquiry 

                               Anger, greed  ,passion  , likes  and dislikes  , ambition  , jealousy   and  so  on  are all  impurities  of  the  mind . When  we meet with  these  impurities  in  ourselves  , our  immediate  reaction  is  to get  rid  of  them   ,for  instance  ,when  we are  in anger   we  immediately  ask  how  can we get rid  of  anger  . By  this  impatience  ,the  problem  escapes  our  attention  , we  forget  what  our  problem  is  , what  caused  it   and  so  on   and  we  jump with  the  solutions   and  forget  all  about  the   actual   problem  

                          Vichara  is   making  an  enquiry  into  this  problem  . Awareness  and  knowledge  are  the  very  essence   of  this  path  of  enquiry. . Instead  of  running  away  from  the  problem  ,  or giving  a  knee jerk  reaction,  , we  objectively  enquire  into  the  problem   for  instance  we have   angry  outbursts and so we find out     as  to  what    it  is ? where  does  it  have  its  source ?  and  what  are  the  ways  anger  gets  expressed   and under what  circumstances the  problem  aggravates   what  are  its  consequences  . ?. So  without  being  judgmental  , this  enquiry  helps  by  being  aware  of  the  problem  . By  being  conscious  of  the  impurities as and   when  they  arise in the  mind   and  also  by  being  non  -judgmental  and  not    labeling  it  as  good  or bad,  positive or  negative   nor  justifying   or  glorifying   them  , we are able to study it calmly  . Thirdly  , to  understand  them  in their  totality   and  see  their  consequences  . If  we  can  practice  these  three  steps  , then  we  can  see  all  the  impurities  of  the  mind   can  stop  existing  altogether  . . If  we  start  with  one  mental  impurity   and  start  working  on it  , soon  other  impurities  will  bid  us  goodbye  . 

                          We  can  maintain  a  dairy  of  all  the  impurities  we  have  . . Start  observing   one  bad  tendency  we  want  to  give  up  , study  in detail  how  we  acquired   that  bad  habit  , how  it  became  worse  , and  its  consequences  in our  lives   and  how  much  it  has  harmed  my  health, or  character   and  keep  observing  everyday  for  three  months   and  maintain  the  dairy   for  three  months  . By  this  time  the  habit  be  it  alcoholism  ,smoking  ,or  getting  angry  and  so  on  would  have  left  you. . Then  when  you have  successfully  given  up  one  bad  habit  , now  take  up another  impurity  you want  to give  up  and  work  on  it. . Very  soon  ,we  will  find  most  of  our  impurities  have  either  left  us  or  at least  lessened  to a  great  extent.

to be  continued.... 

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