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jiva and Iswara


Practical  staps  to spirituality  - section  6 part  33

 Jiva  and  Iswara  

                 When  the  Sat- Cit- Ananda  Principle  comes  to  seemingly  possess  the  qualities  of  conditionings   and  is  qualified  by  the   microcosm  conditionings  that  is  by  the  individual  gross, subtle  and  causal  bodies  , then  it  is  termed  as  jiva   and  when  the  same  Principle  is  qualified   by  the  macrocosm  conditionings  of  the  collective  gross  , subtle  and  causal  bodies  , it  is  termed  as  Iswara   or  the  Lord . . Jiva  and  Iswara  display  lots  of  differences    and  some  of  them  are  :  jiva  has  limited  knowledge   and  is  limited  by  time  and  space   and  is  deluded  by  Iswara's  maya   and  it  is  ignorant  of  its  own  Sat- Cit-  Ananda  nature   and  hence  has  to  strive  for  liberation  . Whereas  Iswara  has  boundless   knowledge  , is  all  pervading  and  eternal. It  is  Iswara  that  dispenses  with  the  fruits  of  the  jiva's  actions  . The  Iswara  is  ever  aware  of  its  own  true  nature  as  Sat- Cit  - Ananda  Principle. 

                   Vedanta  claims  that  the  differences  between  jiva  and  Iswara  are  only  illusory  and  not  real. . The  above  mentioned  differences  between  jiva  and  Iswara   are  merely  because  of  the  differences  in  their  respective  qualifying  conditionings  - the  microcosm  conditionings  of  the  three  sariras  and  the  macrocosm  conditionings  of  the  total  cosmos. . Sankara  in  his  Vivekacudamani  explains  that  the  conditionings  are  false  , that  the  cause  alone  is  real  (  satya  )  and  the  effect  is  unreal  (  mithya  )   for  example   water  alone  manifests  as  waves,  foam   and  bubbles  that  are  born  from  it  . The  waves  do not  have  an  independent  existence  apart  from  the  cause  , hence  are  false. . A  wave  is  a  mere  name  and  form  appearing  in  water   and  is   a  mere  appearance   , hence  mithya  or  illusory  . Similarly  the  entire  universe  ,both  the  microcosm  conditionings  of  the  three  bodies   and  the  macrocosm  conditionings  of  the  total  cosmos   is  only  a  projection  of  names  and  forms  on  the  Sat- Cit-  Ananda  Principle   and  because  of  the  presence  of these  two  conditionings  ,that  the  Sat- Cit - Ananda  Principle  becomes  seemingly  differentiated   as  jiva  and  Iswara  . . Thus  when  we  falsify  these  conditionings  ,then  what  remains  is  the  undifferentiated  Sat-  Cit-  Ananda  Principle  . 

to  be  continued........

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