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look critically at life.


Practical  steps  to  spirituality-  section  6  part  44

Look critically  at  life. 

                          We  have  to  learn  to look  at  life  critically   ' as  it  is  '  without  condemning  or  glamorizing  anything. . When  we  view  life  critically  ,it  reveals  how  sorrow  ridden  and  impermanent  life    and   all  the  relationships  and  situations  are.  . It  is  not  enough  we  look  at  the  limitations  and  pain  giving  situations  ,  we  should  also  look  at  the'  seemingly'  pleasurable   relationships  and  situations  in  our  lives. . Even  these  will  pass  away. 

                      Sri  Adi  Sankara  composed  the  '  Sivaparadha  -ksamapana  -stotra  '  , wherein  he  describes  the  sorrows  experienced  by  the  individual  at  every  stage  of  his  life. . While  in  the  womb  of  the  mother,  he  undergoes  immense  suffering  and  when  he  is  born  he  cries. . He  starts  his  life  on  earth  with  crying   and  continues  to  cry  on  and  off  through  out  his  life. 's  journey. . As  an  infant  he  cries  because  he  is  helpless  and  hence  dependent  on  others   for  his  survival. . He  then  grows  and  is  then  sent  from  the  security of  the  home  to  a  school  to  study  and  learn. Studies  become  burdensome  with  exams,  tuitions   and  homework  . He  is  still  playful  and  wants  to  have   freedom  to  do  what  he  wants  . Since  this  is  not  given  to  him and  because  of  his  regiment  like  study  programs  , he  cries. 

                     As  he  turns  in to a  youth  , his  senses  demand  his  attention  . His  mind  is  filled  with  hundreds  of  desires  , expectations  disappointments  and  frustrations   and  he  cries  . Then  he  turns  into  an  adult  ready  to  marry  and  raise  a  family. . He  is  now  over burdened  by  the  innumerable  responsibilities   and  faces  only  problems  after  problems  in  his  life. . So  his  crying  continues. . Then when  he  gets  old  ,  he  faces  loneliness,  pain, disease , insecurity,  loss  of  memory and   the fear  of  death. haunts   him,  till  one  day  he  is  carried  away  by  death.

                When  we  look  at  the  impermanence  of  life   should  we  not  do  something  to  live  a  meaningful  life  even  while  we  are  living  ?  The  scriptures    are  not here  to  frighten  us  about  lives'  problems  , they  are  there  to  guide  us  cross  the  ocean  of  samsara and   live  in   eternal  bliss  .  

to  be  continued.....

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